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“Maultaschen” are pockets formed from pasta dough and filled with cheese, onion or spinach, for example. The ingredients for the filling vary. Every German family has its own recipe. And the queen among the German Maultaschen is the Swabian. Since 2009, the “Schwäbische Maultasche” has even had an EU seal of approval for its designation of origin. Maultaschen are particularly popular in southwest Germany. In the north of Germany, however, Maultaschen are eaten less frequently. German Food Made Easy presenter Max Merrill only knows Maultaschen from the restaurant. The Berlin native has never made them himself. So Maultaschen is also an absolute premiere for him this episode on which Max also explains to you why Maultaschen used to be called “Herrgottsbscheißerle”.

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Anthony Schreiber says:

They look really good… well done‼️


The channel looks very good. Please also support my channel. I am from Germany too. Based in Düsseldorf. Thanks for your support.

Angela Himmeroder says:

Where I live in Germany we call them Knödel. We don’t fill them with anything.

Marc Storch says:

Loved this! Part of my family comes from southern Germany and we have a family dish we called mall-dasher. Obviously an American version of the name. We made these with pork inside cooked in a meat broth and served with a sour spinach salad. Great to see your video!

slukas says:

Well done, Max. Those look awesome. (Extra points for making them vegan!). Just subbed. Two thumbs up! Greetings from Canada.

Lila Asonitou says:

Gibt es die Videos nur auf Englisch?

Piotr Dabrowski says:

Hi over the Poland most popular dumplings goes with potatoes and white cheese (twaróg , quark) filling , I like to fry these two..

micha p. says:

Hatte ich schon mal abonniert. In deutscher Sprache bitte. DW. Danke für die e-mail.

TheBig Fs says:

I had the opportunity to try maultaschen when visiting a friend in 🇩🇪 and they’re one of so many lovely memories from that trip! Your filling looked similar to hers and was quite enjoyable, so I support the idea of mashing, but not blending. It seems to give a nicer texture and allows you to see the different colors of the fresh ingredients. Your facial expressions as you go through steps and encounter bits of struggle are so genuine and endearing, it makes your channel a joy to watch. Here in America, we have different styles of dumplings, but none compare to those I’ve experienced elsewhere, especially in Germany. Keep up the good work! 💓

Philip Ohmes says:

Interesting. I do not recall ever eating these while living in southern Germany. The German cook books I have (4) do list them as a dish and variations on how to make them. I prefer Dampfnudeln, Klößen, and Spätzle. Now that I see how there are made; I have a pasta dough rolling machine and a grinder attachments for my Kitchen Aid Mixer. Who knows what may inspire me next from the German Cuisine. Now that onion and herb bread from a German Bread Cook book turned out quite well. So have the "Bauern-, Kommiss-, and Volkorn Brots." Right now though, I am sorting through Spelt Flour usages.
Maybe you would like to do a show on assorted whole grains and how to grind them for other uses? Similar to what one may find in a Reformhaus. There always seems to be that question… Do I eat Bread or Potatoes today? And here we have pastas as another popular choice.

Spastic Quadriplegic says:

Stay patient, this channel will blow up eventually. Your production quality is great, recipes simple and delicious, lastly you have great personality and temperament. Keep it up!

D2Meep says:

The way your videos are produced is well done. Definitely like the German recipes 😁

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