Lush How It's Made: Outback Mate Soap

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Chosen by our real-world trendsetters, this iconic product has earned five-star ratings and stood the test of time. Cult classics aren’t born great; they earn their title and now no one can stop talking about them.

Join Rosie and Katie as they make one of our all-time favorite soaps! Outback Mate Soap gets its refreshing scent from an infusion of dried eucalyptus steeped like a tea, which is blended with energizing peppermint, lemongrass and eucalyptus essential oils. Then everything gets mixed with our palm-free soap base and vegetarian glycerin until a creamy and hydrating blend takes shape.

Katie expertly mixes together three unique shades of blue to create a mesmerizing swirl pattern and the soap is left to set. The result is an exhilarating sudser that keeps your energy at an all-time high. Friendly for both the fellas and the Sheilas…this soap is a beaut!

Outback Mate Soap:

Violet Letter by Aulx Studio


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Eliza Hill says:

What are the colours made of?

Aulia Syifa Rodhiya says:

In Indonesia, kids usually got rubbed with eucalyptus, cajuput, or a mix of coconut, cajuput, and anise seed oil (called minyak telon, means three oils). It is so refreshing and warm, especially after a warm bath. Interesting to see that you bathe with eucalyptus oil!

Renske de Jong says:

Can you show us how do you make sunshine up showerjellie?

Kavya Nair says:

Hey!! I have commented about this once before!😅🤭 It would be dreeeaamy to see the chocolate whipstick lip balm being made! The texture is a never-seen-before, non-waxy heaven for lips!! Especially since you have done only one of those(strawberry) till now!! Huge fan! ❤️❤️

J Wrekso says:

I hope the compounders are wearing masks and face shield/goggles at the factory on the regular day. I don't think it's that safe to handle that much pigments without eyes/mouth/nose protection.

Foxy cat 2517 monser says:

Can you make Rainbow shower jelly please. Love you❤❤❤

Dani Elle says:

I just finished a shower using this soap! Left me feeling cool and the scent is just amazing! Definitely my forever favorites from Lush! ❤️

Laura Thomas says:

My favorite soap!!!

Asli says:

perfumes please!

Shahid Ahmad Abbas says:

Do you ship lush cosmetics in india . If I buy online

Joe Al says:

Hi dear, is it OK to cure Lush soaps ?

No' George says:

This is actually not a 'soap' as there is no saponification here, it is a solid body wash. I think. Who cares

inthepurpleroom says:

full of grace, goldfinger, milky bar soap, ro’s argon soap

Eva says:

Sleepy soap!!

M Dos says:

Show us how it’s all made

Sarah Hunt says:

i wanna see sex bomb and rose jam !!!

Queen Bee Miramontes says:

I like to see how your perfumes are made ❤️

Jocelyn Staton says:

I would love to see a how it's made on Easy Peeler

4N1K8 says:

Could we have more products that don't contain coconut? I'm allergic and it irritates my kids eczema. Love lush but I wish I had more of a choice. Whoosh, American cream, new and sleepy are my go toos. Cocoa butter and Shea butter are my favourites!

venus tuche says:

I would like to see Rock Star and Ros Argon soap.

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