This vegan burger tip is a game changer! Interview with Laura Theodore, The Jazzy Vegetarian!

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Hi dear friends, this week we have a real treat. Laura Theodore joins us for a fantastic interview, stay tuned as she features amazing Red Bean Burgers with a secret pro tip! Laura Theodore is a nationally recognized television personality, podcast radio host, celebrity PBS vegan chef, renowned jazz singer and award-winning author of five plant-based cookbooks. Learn more at:

Red Bean Burgers:

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Jean C says:

Love your channel! 💖 I don’t know what recipe I want to make first 😃🥰

Kim B says:

I love the Jazzy Vegetarian! I watch her show on OPB😃

Kim B says:

I love the Jazzy Vegetarian! I watch her show on OPB😃

Melissa Rogers says:

I really appreciate you , Christa, and Laura for all the great inspiration and helpful recipes! ❤❤

Saundria Davis says:

Hi I want to say thank you my name is Saundria and I am vegan I’ve been vegan for a while I am a three time cancer patient and survivor at the same time all three cancers together the red blood cells with the hemoglobin also the platelets and thyroid cancer and prior to this happening God told me in my heart and conscious that I was going to experience this because I was gonna be a witness as him he told me I had to go to the doctor and that he would heal me 14 years cancer free I still follow up with my doctors I have a team of doctors so it is very vital to me I’ve been keeping my immune system up for many years in my health by eating right and exercising God let me to your side and I just want to say thank you I’m very grateful and would love to good more acquainted sincerely Saundria

Soulful says:

🙏Christa…Thank you for this podcast. I enjoyed listening to it.❤🙏

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