Vegan and vegetarian hotdogs II – Trippy Food Episode 154b

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Back in Episode 111, Val caught some grief for telling it like it was while eating vegan hot dogs in a can; on today’s episode, we give it another go, this time trying a couple of the “high end” vegan and vegetarian hotdogs. Will we take it in the bun this time? Watch to find out.

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Sidney McFadden says:

People choose whole wheat over more processed bleached flour apart from any gluten issues.

Chris atk says:

My issue this guy is not a vegetarian or vegan. He thinks we want it to taste like a real hot dog!! No real vegan or vegetarian would even buy these products. These are for meat eaters who want an non meat substitute. Lol… but good video. I thought he was a vegetarian before i watched.. thumbs down

Suzette Lang says:

You should have cooked them separately! I eat morning star and i bake them with cheese!

Zorian says:

I really love Mornig Star Farms Hot Dogs. They remind me of Turkey Dogs. I quickly fry mine in a pan to give them the look of a grilled Turkey Dog. I love Spicy Mustard on mine. Mm hmm!

DeanRendar84 says:

The morningstar one tastes too good, I knew something was up. Shame they mislabeled it as not containing animal products and stole my $6

DeanRendar84 says:

Those morningstar hotdogs robbed me of the vegan promise I was attempting to commit. Those jerks should clearly label things what they are. A veggie dog implies only veggies. Not milk and egg. It was even shelved next to plant based meats. It was the only one falsely advertised, this item broke threw away $100+ of eating intentionally and shopping intentionally for over a week to create a streak of mindful existence to the universe.

Ronnie says:

I would have boiled them separately so the flavors don't mix

Oreo Eats says:

I put ketchup on my ketchup.

Jeremy J says:

I tried the morning star on low heat and a little vegan butter. You have to move them almost constantly but they came out great

My crazy pets and stuff VAS says:

You must not be from the Jersey area. All ketchup, no mustard

Jessica Shea says:

He’s eats them at 5:40

Shar LaRisse says:

i can't stand that sweet taste of ketchup on my hot dog. Yuck. Just a nice yummy tart mustard with chopped onions, hot peppers, dill relish and cheese.

Kali J says:

I can’t eat bread for medical reasons so I must go fancy 😂. I do miss real bread 🍞:) .

Princess 319 says:

I hate field roast, they taste absolutely nothing like meat! Morningstar hot dogs are my favorite! I have never boiled them, I always saute them in a pan with a little olive oil and it burns just like meat. I absolutely love the texture and taste!
If you want a realistic 'snap', try the Beyond Sausage – Hot Italian flavor is the best! Its not spicy. Meat eaters cant even tell the difference and the casing is eerily realistic. They are the best vegan product on the planet! I saute them the same way and they also expel a flavored oil as they cook..amazing! I also saute them with onions and peppers…yum! My meat eating bf asks me to make them often and says they are his fav vegan or veggie product I've given him!

SKOHC says:

Great video! Thank you! liked and subscribed…

ron nordberg says:


Maura McDermott says:

YAAA!!! You picked my favorite hotdog! I eat the morningstar dogs all the time. I fry them and they brown up and crisp just like a real hotdog. When I boil them, I add vinegar and cumin. Don't ask me why, but they taste delicious that way boiled.

Ms Freeman says:

I saw them in Kroger then I thought of the real thing and walked away and was grossed out. It looked to real really ruined it for me. Idk 😂 I never like real hot dogs growing up so it just turned my stomach

Buyhouse Tien says:

Hi all. I love the hot dog stand own by a Mexican man. It’s a big grilled hot dog wrapped around with bacon and top with everything. Ketchup , grill onion, red pepper jalapeños, mustard, and mayonnaise. It’s 3 bucks, so good. I feel somewhat bad because I eat animal products but oh well it’s just so good. Will try your vegan hot dog some day…

Edgar Smittenheighnjenkson says:

I put ketchup on my hot dogs come at me bitch.

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