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Craving a comforting bowl of spaghetti bolognese, minus the calories? Actress Olivia Wilde has just the thing! Her vegan rendition of the Italian classic tastes just as good as the original and will probably fool your carnivorous friends. We absolutely love its earty flavors and that it’s full of fresh veggies. Keep watching to learn just what goes into Olivia Wilde’s “Bomb-Diggity” vegan bolognese, and get ready to plan your next dinner party.

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Hannah Young says:

There was no way that tasted good. It didn’t have time to cook 😂. It was def cold.

Nathan Guest says:

Red wine isn't even vegetarian as far as I know.

Daniel Cardona says:

70% of the footage on Olivia Wild and 30% of the video for the recipe? Seriously?

K lex says:

Amateur hour

vilko skorlich says:

About The Official Bolognese Recipe. Bolognese originated from Bologna, the capital city of the Emilia-Romagna region in northern Italy. What some people don’t realize is that Bolognese is a meat sauce – not a tomato-based marinara or tomato sauce. Since Pellegrino Artusi first published his recipe for Ragù alla Bolognese in 1891, there have been very few changes to the original list of simple ingredients: Beef, pork (pancetta or bacon), onions, carrots, celery, milk, broth, a bit of tomato paste, a little wine, salt and pepper. As the official Bolognese recipe below specifies, authentic Bolognese is primarily a meat sauce that contains very little tomato, and there isn’t any garlic, no oregano, no basil, no parsley, no bay leaves, no rosemary, thyme or sage, no anchovies, no fennel or star anise, no lemon zest, no cinnamon or nutmeg, no sugar, no peppers, no chili sauce or hot pepper flakes – none of the myriad ingredients that many people might use in their bolognese recipes today. A good Bolognese sauce also only takes a few hours to make Vegan Bolognese DON'T EXIST?PERIOD……..

Keeks says:

ew I literally can't stand over animated presenters like that, they're so fake. Also, what the hell, did they really need to rush like that lmao

J L says:

Here are proper instructions to this Olivia Wilde bolognese

Marcus Antoin says:

As a professional cook and a 5yr vegetarian ths video was completely pointless….I thought I might find a new Vegan Bolognese recipe but tht shit was so rushed and just dumping it all in one pot does not inspire ppl to cook tht shit

M M says:

Really? They couldn't have filmed the entire thing with the proper amounts of cooking and then, just edited out the parts that took too long?

fjcbroht says:

why must it be filmed in such a hurry? I think they need to slow down a bit.

Simon Scherer says:

Vegans make unhealthy children.

chtitmog says:

Looks delicious but I felt that the editing made this video like being rushed! It would have been nice to include the written list of ingredients and each step of the preparation to make the recipe fully understandable in the video.
Thanks anyway! 🙂

frnknstnluvr says:

I agree, I'm a little annoyed at how this was rushed. It's possible edit videos if they are too long, YouTube magic…

beingearnest123 says:

LOL I agree… too rushed! Started looking a little comical

ThrivingHuman says:

this one looks quite good but would use water instead of oil 🙂

peaceandlove says:

that was really too rushed, especially the tasting

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