Vegan Crockpot Breakfast Bean Recipe| Dr Dray

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💜Recipe: 15oz can black beans + 1 cup fresh cranberry + 1 cup chopped pineapple + 1 cup pineapple juice + 1 diced sweet potato + knob of ginger diced + 1tsp allspice + 1tsp cloves + 1 cinnamon stick + 1Tbs lucuma powder + 2-3Tbs coconut milk powder + 3Tbs molasses
*Combine ingredients in a crockpot and cook on low for 6 hours.

💜Stuff I mention/show in the video
Navitas lucuma powder
Coconut milk powder
Plantation Black Strap Molasses
Meal prep containers
My crock pot
Sprouting jar
Broccoli sprout seeds
Zapzyt 2% BHA face wash
Bioderma Photoderm Max (UK)
Hada Labo gel cream
Vanicream lip protection
Maybelline mascara
Anjou soy candle
Knife skills book
Vegan gingerbread video
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Марк Пиво says:

You look like a walking corpse! Sorry to be that honest.

** says:

Mmm, this looks delish! Gr8 recipe.

Regina Kiefer says:

Love black beans

Hannah M. says:

Hmmm….this looks good. I have some extra budget money…I think I'll make this tonight. My diet has become more and more plant-based but I can never bring myself to call myself a vegetarian or vegan because I'm scared of the vegan police LOL

Diana B says:

I made this today and it was absolutely delicious and healthy. I didnt have molasses so I used a little bit of coconut nectar and it tasted great. Best part of it…it made enough for the next couple of nights dinner…ergo no cooking 😊

Sondra Litzenberg says:

It looks good.  I have been growing my own sprouts for years.  The sprout mixes at the Sprout House are very good, here is a link.

jr says:

I am a Legume collector;) also! My favs are pinto and black eyed peas. I have soaked the 15-bean soup beans overnight (I throw away the enclosed packet- yuk ingredients) and ready to cook! They are so pretty and makes me happy to see all the beans/colors partying together. Do you make many soups?

Tara Berg says:

"Proctor & Sili" Dying! Girl forget the kitchen…you're a natural gangsta everywhere. Especially in the sunscreen aisle when you all incognito camerawoman with a poncho. 😂 BTW…everytime you said Lacuma, it seemed like I needed to add "matata" after it. EVERY time…because…no worries about fruity bean stew I guess. Now I have that song in my head. Love ya!

yaadein says:

I made your recepie and it is delicious. You can start a cooking channel of your own . I love everything you recommend and buy it.

Xx 2ol7 says:

I’ve used the harp labo gel cream on my acne oily skin and it ended up being to greasy and i also broke out:/ now I use my green tea tony moly cream and it seems to be fine

Sharon Capehart says:

What an interesting breakfast , but it certainly looks yummy!! Thanks for sharing! XOXO Sharon

Cindy Pope says:

Might also be interestng to also serve it over rice for a main dinner entree.

Jean C. says:

I discovered your channel a few days ago and truly appreciate the valuable and informative content. A special request of mine is that you create a video addressing petechiae, please. 🤗

TSue St says:

Yum! Def going to try! How long have you been vegan?

Kitty Avers says:

Hi Dr Dray, I was wondering if you’ve ever watched Tonya Zavasta here on YouTube. She’s a raw veganist and her specialty is anti aging natural skin care. She is against retin a and alpha hydroxy acids. Instead she promotes dry brushing the face. She will be 60 and her skin is amazing. Would appreciate your thoughts on facial dry brushing vs retin a.
Thank you!!!

unicorn puppy says:

That looks delish! I grew up in SE Asia, and I used to have this delicious mung bean breakfast that I think you'll love: It's basically mung beans cooked in water with sugar and pandan leaf (and sometimes a tiny bit of ginger), and then when ready to serve, topped off with thick coconut milk and palm sugar. I would definitely eliminate the sugar while cooking, but it's so yum.

Maria says:

Interesting…..but I think I would have it for lunch with a salad……just had beans for 2days in my 3 bean chilie. Aprons look nice,still have to get one. Bye………

anna hill says:

Whoa that looks so good! Hope you and your mom stay warm and safe in that ugly TX weather! 🤙🏻❤️

Carolina Prexl says:

I dont like beans but i love your vlogs! Everything is so peaceful and we learn a lot😄

Brooke Shadley says:

I would like to know your thoughts on clindamycin and other antibiotic type topical treatments. What are the benefits of these over salicylic acid/benzoyl peroxide? Why does it come in so many forms (pledgets, gel, lotion etc.) does one form work better for a skin type than another? Just wanting your input! Love your videos! I’ve been binging on them the past couple of days! Keep em comin!

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