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Vlog style of what I eat in an entire weekend! I also include a couple vegetarian recipes along the way! If you like this style video give it a thumbs up and subscribe so I know to make more!

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Chelsi Madonna says:

What are your all-time favourite meals!? I am looking for a few new recipes to add to my collection!

Your Best Self UAE says:

Great channel! Keep up the good vibes 🙂

Natalie Harding says:

I really like this style of video, it's so chill and natural 🙂 I also love your energy and how happy you are now!

Steve0904 says:

Hi Chelsi. I feel like I've connected with a long lost friend watching this video, and I guess I have in a way. Had no idea you had such a hugely popular YouTube channel. Long story short, my sister told me you were a MUCH Digital Creator and now I'm here. I'm from NL as well and we were in the same year in high school (since I've heard you like to know who's watching your channel :)). Glad to see you're happy, and btw we share a mutual love of Game of Thrones. 😉

Kaleigh Dior says:


Melissa Friend says:

Okay, I follow wayyyy too many booktubers! Lol but to name a few of my favorites, there’s Peruse Project, Super Space Chick, Mollie Reads, and Kelseyreads 👍🏼 let me know what you think!😊❤️📚

Anne-Marie Bazz says:


Sabrina Desjardins says:

I love your yellow wrap sweater !! 😀 <3

The Style Sessions says:

Great video – loved the recipes!

Disha Kapadia says:

Yes I would love to meet her ! You’ll should do some challenge video! 😝 love that you eat such healthy and light food it inspires me a lot !! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I’m from India and here our meals are usually heavy ! 🤔

Dina says:

Hey chelsi 🌸 first of all, great video!! Thank you for sharing what you eat as a vegetarian. I'm trying to be one too, but sometimes I feel like its a little hart not to eat the same kind of meals all the time.😥
I've got an idea how you could introduce your girlfriend to YouTube !
She could do a voice over for a make up tutorial 👍 if I remember that correct you once told on a instagram- live, she's not that familiar with that kind of stuff. So that could be a fun video 😁

Oops..sorry for the long text 😅 but I hope it helps 😁
Have a great day and give the cats some kisses from me ❤🐈

Ashley says:


Jena Richelle says:

i would love to see a q&a with your girlfriend! how you guys met and all of that! i watched you a few years back, and you are glowing now that you can see how happy you are!!

Nittaya says:


Martha Ruether says:

Loved this video! I made a spaghetti squash the other day and it was lovely! Highly recommend! 🍋🍋🍋

Laura says:

Love you Chels, love the kitty cats. If your girlfriend is comfortable with it, I would love to meet her, I think a more casual video to get her a bit more used to being on camera would be good, maybe just show her in a vlog or something, and then you can do one of the many youtube tags If you two want. 🍋

Samantha Kearns says:

This was so fun to watch!🍋

JM Q. says:

Love the Vlog 😉❤👍

Karolina says:

Chelsi's vlog = perfect evening <lemon emoji> 🙂

Samantha Jane says:

Loveeee Hogtown Vegan!! Those bowls with sweet potatoes look great, I feel like I’m the only person in the word who doesn’t cook with tahini ahha

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