1 Month FREE MAGNUM Ice Creams | Ruby Magnum Ice Cream Review | Magnum Singapore

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I just received one month’s worth of magnum ice creams for FREE! Let me share with you my review for new #MagnumRuby Ice Cream too!

Thank you #MagnumSG, I have won their little contest with beautiful ruby filter on Instagram! Glad I am their Instagram follower and I participated the contest.

I am so excited for these #MagnumIceCreams as they brighten up my gloomy days in this lock down period! No more Cabin Fever! No more Lock Down Craziness! Exhilarated to be so blessed with Atas Magnum Ice Cream.

Let’s see, I have gotten Magnum Classic Ice Cream, New Magnum Ruby Ice Cream, Magnum Chocolate Cookie Crumble and Magnum Almond Ice Cream. Magnum is really the killer of bad moods! Trust me, I eat it when I need to cheer myself up.

Glad to taste test the new Ruby Magnum Ice Cream – Yummy white chocolate with raspberry! Not to forget Magnum signature cracking chocolate coat! Oh ya, it’s in ruby flavour too! Please try it out.

Thank you once again Magnum Singapore. Please give us more ice creams! screeeaaaammmmmm! It’s truly for pleasure seekers, true to pleasure!

P/S: Mispronunciation: Flavor not Favor


Jen L says:

WAH HAHAHA!!!! Funny Garen! Create more awesome funny videos!!! 👍

Jessica Mei says:

Wow~ So nice!!!

Siew Li Goh says:

Love the energy in this video!!!

DFX PowerBall_SG says:

Wow, you sooooo lucky

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