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Food Busker is hitting the streets with another incredible recipe: Ramen noodles layered with finely sliced fresh vegetables and shredded chicken in a broth then topped with a soy infused egg. How much would you pay for it?

Do you think it’s worth what he does? Let us know in the comments below….

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DF – This is a Dairy-free recipe


Dip333 says:

This is as bad as Covid-19 and disgraceful as a cop who is racist

Brian Smith says:

I will never eat from a bowl other slurped and dripped all over. Yuck!

Matalena Saipele says:

Love me some good sacky

Ben Sears says:

my man said “get that classic china flavour” for a dish made in japan..

jimthecruel says:

jamie oliver, downvote

Ryan Haigh says:

Made with leftover ingredients it's quick and easy to make and cost £8 per bowl rip offfffff

10,000 Subscribers By Making Bad Videos Challenge says:

Sad to see that this type of "sharing the bowl" on the street is never gonna happen again.

malachite moondance says:

1cup Saki ,1cup soy & 1/3 cup Miriam in a massive bowl for ONE single EGG🥚! That stuff ain't cheep. Use a large mug instead to have it marinating along wv some fresh ingredients.

Yasmine Ali says:

why tf are u touching did you hold the ramen in your hands while talking bruh

Daniel Wood says:

what did you do with all the left
Overs from marinating that one egg

Hello There says:

Never heard an English butcher the word "Worcestershire" so badly. I'm quite ashamed tbh mate.

What's Popping says:

Nonsense, this isn't ramen.

joseph burtulato says:

Hey you ain’t Jaime Oliver.

kot som says:

Seems really gross.. which Asian country was that inspire from?

referral madness says:

I knew this wasn't Jamie Oliver lmao

Danny Chane says:

The egg looks so cured, there is no way this egg sat for only 20 min in the marinade 😀 change my mind if I'm wrong.

Isaac Chong says:

as an asian, that’s not how to cook a ramen

Zilia Gumerova says:


Mady Ehh says:

What is it with British chefs always saying “the most amazing_!”

kristysketches says:

Oh gosh. This is no Ramen!

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