10 of the Geekiest Bars on Earth

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When you go out drinking, it’s pretty normal to want to hang out with or try to meet people with your same interests. For people who would much rather go to a comic convention than a sports game, it can be hard to find a drinking hole that makes them feel welcome. But these great geek bars are perfect for anyone who has ever debated Star Wars vs. Star Trek or Marvel vs. DC. And with Comic-Con coming up this week, it feels like the right time to tell you about some of the best places to nerd out in if you can’t make it to San Diego.

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10. The Hobbit Bar in New Zealand
9. The Seinfeld Bar in Australia
8. The Oscar Wilde Bar in New York City
7. The Twin Peaks Bar in Vancouver
6. The Lovecraft Bar in Oregon
5. The Comics-Themed Bar in New York City
4. The Big Lebowski Bar in Iceland
3. The Aliens Bars in Switzerland
2. The Doctor Who Bar in New York City
1. The Alice in Wonderland Bar in Los Angeles

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Twirble says:

Los Angles has some great Tim Burton, Star Wars, Steampunk and Austin Powers themed bars as well.

Trebor Ironwolfe says:

If the Alice in Wonderland bar served a Chronic Caterpillar Absinthe drink I might consider visiting.

DigitalRanger says:

First of all, the Rabbit Hole is a dump.
Second, this list is moot due to the lack of the Scum and Villainy Cantina in Hollywood,
Third, all pale to Quark's Bar, which used to be in the Las Vegas Hilton. Gone but no where near forgotten.

piranha031091 says:

The single best Geek bar is "The Last Bar at the End of the Universe" ("Le Dernier Bar avant la Fin du Monde"), in Paris.

Tons of Geek-themed cocktails, they have a "steampunk meets sci-fi" theme. Best place to enjoy a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster while sitting next to R2D2 and E.T.!

Khannea says:

giger is pronounced g- Eager

DoesNotEqual says:

Amazing how this video entirely neglected to mention the large number of bizarre themed bars in Japan. Tokyo alone has bars for Capcom, elementary school, a haunted prison, a shooting range, ninja…

Stoney ya Blazed Homie says:

There's also the AFK[Another F**king Kingdom] Tavern in Everett Washington, it's a geek/gamer bar, they have Magic and Pokemon card tourneys and other nerdy delights ^_^

Charissa Lynn says:

In Vancouver there is also The Stormcrow Tavern and The Stormcrow Alehouse. Fantastic nerd bars, that serve nerdy themed food and drinks as well as air new shows, have trivia nights and board games!

Wobbles and Bean says:

AFK Tavern in Everett, Washington better be on this list. If not, I will be very disappoint.

Edit: I am very disappoint.

Hannah oxby says:

In Paris there is Le Dernier bar avant la fin du monde (The last pub before the world's end)
3 floors and 7 themed rooms.
1st floor: steampunk
2nd: star wars
3rd: biohazard, star trek then you walk through the T.A.R.DI.S to the pirates of the Caribbean then onto Game of Thrones with an Iron Throne.

lkchild says:

No call out for the Fab cafe in Manchester?

Griffy says:

What about Zaphod's in Ottawa? Home of the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster!

Annik Boyer says:

I should definitively go to the Lovecraft bar. Same for Giger bar.

Rusty Shackleford says:

No love for Bugmans Bar in Nottingham? For shame, sir!

z.browning says:

Hey! He got the pronunciation of Los Angeles right!

PureKaoZ says:

There's also a Dr. Who themed bar in Portland, OR called The Tardis Room.

Victoria Gray says:

In the George's Bar are you allowed to double dip

Cate Brooks says:

Been to #6 – was OK. Art is neat – The Bar at the End of the Universe was better (also in Portland, OR) – but the drinks were the best part.

freefire Mclin says:

I need to read more lovecraft books

Matt Tottleben says:

Tiger's Den – Saint Joseph Missouri

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