10 Things I Didn't Know Before Going Vegan – Health Benefits, Weight Loss, Family Members, and more.

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Let me share with you 10 things I didn’t know before going vegan! Becoming vegan can certainly switch things up in your life. Everyone’s path is different and in this video, I share what I learned after going vegan.


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Going vegan is the most effortless change that you can make in your life to become healthier and to make world a better place for everyone, including the animals. In this video, I talk about my vegan weight loss journey, my vegan family members, what’s it like to travel as a vegan and more! Generally, I’m telling you what no one tells you before going vegan.

Let me know in the comments if you are vegan and how has your life changed since going vegan! This is a safe space where we can all learn from each other and exchange words of wisdom so feel free to share!

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Gian Mozzato says:

Abraços do Brasil!

Yves T says:

It is all very nice but we need animal protein, not necessarily meat but definitely animal protein. It does not mean that we should only eat animal protein but we need it. You can be vegeterian and eat eggs and cheese for instance, plus vegetables. By all means. I have heard plenty of testimonies by ex-vegans on Youtube and they basically described the same symptoms: falling hair, falling teeth, muscular and digestive problems, terrible pains, etc. It was malnutrition.

The Ultra Warrior says:

Love you, for having empathy, selflessness and integrity; Being the voice of the voiceless.

May God-Creator bless you.

It Ti says:

I am eat only halal food, because i am muslim.

It Ti says:

Well done!!!you are very awesone vegatarian!!!it is really good for health. You are get better in the mental and physical health. It is great !!!

nandy178 says:

You have made very beautiful video. 💚🌝 I have Gilbert's syndrome and after trying many diets the plant based diet helped me the most. Then I started to buy vegans products. My skin looks much better, I don't have caries anymore, no gray hair and I am almost 33. I become more sensitive and I am more relaxed, like to talk to other people. Before I was not like that. I also started to meditate, do yoga and now I am doing qi gong. I also stopped my sugar addiction. When is summer I try to eat raw food. Try it for a week or two and you will see the difference…

Laura Maliszewska says:

If you don't know where to start, here's my video on how to go vegan! 💚→ http://bit.ly/37yEXfp

Check out my Veganism playlist 💚→ http://bit.ly/2tLACa3

Oliwia Czapnik says:

Podziwiam wszystkich Vegan 👌🙌

Ana Moura says:

You’re soooo cute! Being vegan is really a experience to change ours lives. But definitely worth it.

Abas Rezwani says:

Super, Danke schön👍

Ha Vu Ngoc Anh says:

Great! You know that I live in VietNam and people who are Buddhish usually go to vegan 🙂

Ludka Motylikova says:

Can you help me how to rid of the sugar addiction?

GautarKrosier says:

De donde eres¿?

jb hann says:

Just beware of numerous plant based products that are not good for you, such as the impossible burger, which is highly processed and has additives that are bad for you. Once the vegetarian and vegan diet started becoming more mainstream, corporations found ways to greatly profit from the movement, and corporations don’t care if their products contain cancer causing ingredients, as they simply highlight the product is plant based. Fing corporations.

Guess I would be labeled a pescarían, or whatever it’s called for a person who doesn’t eat meat, but eats fish. Usually have fish about six times a year on average. It used to be more, but corporations keep dumping toxic chemicals into the oceans, and the mercury levels are pinging off the charts, with fish absorbing higher concentrations of mercury. Fing corporations.

How To Korea says:

Thanks a lot for this motivating video! I was vegan when I was living back in Germany, but since moving to Korea I gave up on it. I'm trying to do more vegan choices in my diet again and for me it's the hardest when I'm eating out or going to cafes. Didn't hear about the Happy Cow app, so thanks a lot for recommending that one! :))

Dylan Morse says:

Great tips!! All of the restaurants that offer a vegan option really saved me when I first transitioned since none of my friends were vegan at the time.

Harry Beaver says:

Vegan is pushed by satanists.

Kamil Maliszewski says:

Faithful Fan, gives you like <3

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