7 Best Tapas Bars on Cava Baja | Madrid's Most Famous Tapas Street

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Cava Baja is Madrid’s most famous tapas bar street! It’s in the La Latina neighbourhood and has about 50 tapas bars in only 300 metres! But how do you avoid the tourist traps. Come with us and we’ll show you the 7 best tapas bars on Cava Baja! Including Taberna La Concha, Casa Lucas, La Posada de la Villa and more!

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Calle Cava Baja is a fantastic street for a tapas crawl in Madrid. It’s got about 50 tapas bars in just one street, and is in the heart of the famous La Latina neighbourhood. But with so many tapas bars, how can you pick the good from the bad? That’s where this video comes in? Yoly and I decided to hit 7 of our favourites.

Here is Calle Cava Baja on a map: https://goo.gl/maps/u19cgBBKpCUkYpBZA

1. Taberna La Concha: I love this spot for a pre-lunch vermouth. They make their own vermouth, and serve it with a few extra ingredients to give it extra kick. They always pair it with a delicious tapa. And their cooked tapas and wine list are also excellent. A great start!

2. Diaz y Larrouy: The wine bar has been around since 1992 and so is one of the grandfather’s of this street. They have 30-40 wines per glass, and serve delicious tostas. An excellent option for cava by the glass.

3. La Posada de la Villa: There has been a posada (or inn) here since 1642, and I adore hitting the bar in this old tavern. It’s more of a restaurant, but the bar is a great place to grab a glass and even just enjoy the free tapa. It’s just full of history!

4. La Posada del Dragón: These guys do more modern tapas, and I love their tomato salad. But beyond the food, this place is extra special as beneath the glass floor you can see the remains of the medieval walls that once surrounded Madrid.

Honourable mention: La Perejila – great little tapas bar that just didn’t make the final cut.

5. Casa Lucas: Famous on Calle Cava Baja. This place is always packed, but does delicious modern tapas and tostas, and they have an excellent wine list. Don’t worry if you can’t get a table – just squeeze on up at the bar!

6. Taberna Tempranillo: Another classic wine bar that’s been around for a number of years. These guys do an eclectic selection of modern dishes, as well as tostas. And of course great wine by the glass. Also – the wine rack against the back wall is spectacular!

7. Los Huevos de Lucio: Opposite is a famous restaurant called Casa Lucio. And in that restaurant they’re famous for their huevos estrellados (aka. Huevos rotos or broken eggs). Opposite Los Huevos de Lucio is their tavern, and you can get the same dish there. It’s simple, but it’s delicious!


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Eynat says:

Love the video, I hope that you will make some videos about madrid and barcelona actual restaurants where you can sit down after sight seeing and relax with a delicious reasonably prices meal.

Witty Widow says:

Why that shirt??????

Mediterranea Mh says:

Sgue haciendo videos

pashminagal says:

I love Yoli's little cameos!

Steele Scrantom says:

Yoly has a great character that is a good match for you and your videos. I just started watching your channel and it is such good entertainment. Take care of yourselves, stay healthy, and God Bless you both!

Ruth C R says:

So much enthusiasm! I love it. Thank you guys for sharing. 😘

Kenneth Schaumkel says:

I’m coming bro 100%

Rajanikant Sankhe says:

Thank you Mr. James, for exploring decent food & wine restaurants. It will definitely help whenever he or she visits Madrid,Spain. Love from India.

Ser S says:

You come alive when you drink

the lord is my shepherd says:

drunk yet🙄omg

dwiedemann says:

Pshaw. "Original" bar that opened in 1992. How about one that opened in say…. 1792. Gimme a break!

Li Sev says:

You guys are great!

mfanwe Likeit says:

Eggs and chips are all day foods

Steve M says:

Drooling here in Pattaya
Be nice if u took a split second on the menus , that we could pause on to see the full selection 😍🍀🍸🍻🍸🍻🍻

Jose G says:

James congratulations on another fantastic Clip…. So informative , Always make me hungry when I watch.

marie leadbetter says:

Thanks so much for this video! We followed much of your advice and enjoyed everything. The Vermouth was incredible (& she made us have two!) We hit Casa Lucas at quiet a quiet time and the food was so good. Best croquetas ever!

tonydeltablues says:

…ps, your man Oscar was a sweetheart…he looked a bit bemused as these four british blokes; we also got talking to a guy from Mallorca who spoke english -he was a real character…

tonydeltablues says:

James and Yoli!! did the tour!!!
You were right: we couldn't get into Casa Lucas! That's the only one we didn't try. Taberna Tempranillo was awesome – we (me and my 3 buddies) had a great Ribera Del Duero (well, several bottles) and lots of tapas. Man, did we have great vermut and a superb time. For me, the old style places were the best – I just loved it. I'm planning on taking my wife over the next few months.
I appreciate you posting these types of videos.
Muchas Gracias

Eugenio Lino Rey Contreras says:

16,12 mt. LA lama. My village in Pontevedra

Alberto Wagner says:

Tío, si sigues chupando así, vas a terminar hablando vasco.

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