Progresso Vegetarian Soup in the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer, Batch 207

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Here are more of the $0.99 Progresso Soups that I put through the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer. See you in SHTF, my Preparedness Family and Community,

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Mary Gallagher says:

They look good!

Penelope the squirrely prepper says:

Yes I want to be your neighbor. I would buy the food and you could prep it all.LOL HUGS!

Oregon preparedness says:

Freeze dryer is a must have prep. It's definitely on my list.


nothing wrong with going off point,i do it all the time that is some good soup,stay safe my friend

Diebulfrog79 says:

Thanks for the share, PP. math look good.

Cherrie Mckinstry says:

I love seeing your freeze dryer. Its awesome!

Old Frugal One Hyper-Drive Movement says:

I'm the kind of guy that would find a way to temporarily level the machine and pour in my liquids. It only needs to be sloped back to thaw and drain. You could also find a way to level the rack and avoid all the hassle from the start.The newer models have done a good job of that – no levelers on the machine and the rack level and the chamber is sloped. All the trays will hold a quart with no spillage. It is important to have the work surface level. If I had your email I'd send you a pic of my set up.I made a big pot of Great Northern beans on the weekend and have about 5 quarts left to freeze dry. I like having some put away that I can just add water to and have a meal.Thanks for the video young lady. 🙂

Penntucky Survivalists says:

did you get the oil issue fixed??

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