Vegetarian Asian Sweet Potato And Corn Stew

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Well, It’s meatless Monday and I’m at it again with this awesome delight. Guaranteed to satisfy even the meatiest of meat eaters.


The Arizona Homestead Project says:

@TruckingDJ That's awesome. It somehow even tastes better on the truck.
For clean up I use Clorox wipes or the equivalent to clean most everything. You can use paper plates and plastic utensils. I use Slower Cooker Liners for my crock pot. You can buy "Veggie Spray" and use a collapsable bowl and strainer to rinse foods with bottled water. I do carry a scrub brush and dish soap in case I get real messy. Clean up gets easier after you start developing was to do things more efficiently.

DJBrianAZ says:

I really like your cooking videos and on my next hometime, I'm going to equip my truck to do some in-cab cooking. I already know how to cook meals at home, but how are you doing your utensil cleanup and produce washing. I've read some guys clean them in rest area sinks but I'm not too keen on that idea. Any suggestions for me. thx

The Arizona Homestead Project says:

@ruger44ful 10-4. That's why we are putting on a bigger sleeper. Lots of people couples do it. I built a "Pilot Truck" for her to drive when I'm doing oversize loads. It sure makes it nice…

The Arizona Homestead Project says:

@calitrucker1 LOL

calitrucker1 says:

what. no meat? i dont know about that one. lol.

Newfieguy89 says:

Ok thats it…I'm going to stop watching this videos…you always make me hungry!! lol Say is that your new bunk on the truck yet?

The Arizona Homestead Project says:

@brianmillera Amen, that would be awesome..

The Arizona Homestead Project says:

@Drake3209 Thanks Drake.

The Arizona Homestead Project says:

@SmokeyGoodness Can't be that long since ya been out here, LOL, you hardly look in your 30s LOL

The Arizona Homestead Project says:

@WORRO01 Sure did! Thanks John

WORRO01 says:

Wow….did it taste as good as it looked?
Good show buddy,,,be safe out there, and God bless~~John

SmokeyGoodness says:

Technology has come a LONG way since I got off the road!
Looks yummy!

brianmillera says:

semi cooking with truckerwarren

brianmillera says:

food network needs to give you a show 🙂

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