What I Ate In A Day VEGAN #28 // Japanese-inspired Vegan Recipes

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On this What I Ate Wednesday, I had Japanese cuisine on the brain. Furikake on rice and soup for breakfast, avocado cucumber and bean teriyaki maki sushi for lunch, and a mish mash of cabbage and negitofu for dinner.

Links mentioned in this video

WIAW Other Miso Soup: https://youtu.be/xqba1wrO8e8?list=PL6QDlGTnYxpGM5jL_NVvfwICb9uh3NY9q

Tomato Maki: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7C0oc5wjyc&index=3&list=PL6QDlGTnYxpG6_BXIGKnpzQxRqWVbDYCE

Beefless Seitan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlODaKhgla8&list=PL6QDlGTnYxpGYJqWWWHXbqNYMHz6UIn4Q&index=4

Baked Spicy Peanut Tofu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySMpOrEh78w&index=31&list=PL6QDlGTnYxpG6_BXIGKnpzQxRqWVbDYCE

Uramaki for Beginners & California Roll: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYoZz07Y_CY&index=9&list=PL6QDlGTnYxpG6_BXIGKnpzQxRqWVbDYCE

Today’s Miso Soup

1 tablespoon red miso paste (15ml)
1/3 cup cooked red beans (80ml)
1/4 cup cooked corn kernels (60ml)
3/4 cup + 2 tablespoons hot, just boiled water (210ml)
chopped scallions [green onions]

Mix the miso paste with a couple tablespoons of water until dissolved. Add the rest of the ingredients. Taste and adjust for salt.

Furikake-Inspired Seasoning
Printable recipe & blog post: http://www.marystestkitchen.com/vegan-furikake-japanese-seasoning-for-rice/

1 teaspoon nori, cut into confetti
1 teaspoon nutritional yeast
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
pinch of red chili flakes

Just mix everything together and adjust to your taste.

The sushi rice that I used in the video was already seasoned.

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Chee Xiong says:

Monosodium glutamate won't kill you actually it's just xenophobic behavior.

Chee Xiong says:

Monosodium glutamate won't kill you actually it's just xenophobic behavior.

Ziggy Marie says:

Noooo, thank you;)

Utari says:

Try adding roasted sesame seeds with the nori for the furikake, it's super yum

Elizabeth Shaw says:

Toro is fish belly actually certain tuna belly and it is wildly expensive! I've had it once at Morimoto in New York. Now I no longer indulge but I find vegan Sushi very satisfying. 🙂

BlackRadiance says:

My tummy wants to send u a special thank u in advance because I'm definitely making this tomorrow.Thanks Love 👍💖

BlackRadiance says:

Guuurl why u do this to me…I'm drooling like a new born baby 🐴

Taylor D says:

you can make vegan smoke salmon rolls by making fake salmon by using carrots that's what I do its super delicious

BrittneyDoesIt says:

I love avacado rolls!!!!

Nia Garcia says:

Thank you for sharing what you ate and all of your good tips 🙂 Sitting here trying to decide between miso soup with natto or ramen or agedashi tofu for dinner.

H3LlO3vEryone says:

please make vegan tamagoyaki!

paxas03 says:

Just marry me…

Ishwari Joy Golding says:

love both ur channels Mary! Asian food is my fave…I make avocado ginger maki, sweet potatoe maki and loooove sushi bowls with Kimchi too, love. all ur recipes Mary, thank you for sharing your time and passion xo

sirCULTURE says:

Soba Noodles

my life as dee says:

i just hit that thumbs up button , and now you have 1k

Sophie Lam says:

japanese cuisine is my all time fav, not to mention i'm vegan so this really helped! thanks xx

KusariTakao says:

I'm so glad I've found you channel. This is just perfect for me :')

mulberryJamz says:

Really like your videos! but just want to inform you that Nutritional yeast has a common main compound as msg which makes it toxic for your brain and that is glutamic acid. So even though youre avoiding the sodium from commercial MSG crystals, youre still getting the toxins from glutamic acid in nutritional yeast which is terrible for your brain.

77Avadon77 says:

jezuz that looks good!! Thanks for making me hungry with nothing in the house >_<

Zofia P says:

I will definitely try to cook these dishes for new year's eve this year! Thank you for the inspiration!

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