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This is a great family recipe for Spaghetti and meatballs. I make it for my kids because they are packed with veg and iron rich ingredients like beef pork and spinach, but they perfectly moist, lovely consistency and just tasty tasty tasty. Let me know what you think.


Hannah Plas says:

I've only watched a few of your videos, cause I just found your channel, but it seems you try to make your life easier in the kitchen. For a recipe like this, where you've got to chop a lot of veg really finely, a food processor would be great! 🙂

Nsar stafeenee says:

i thought it was vegan

Mrs Morgan Plus 4 says:

I will be trying these Too! x

Margarita Fengler says:

I did this recipe yesterday for dinner, and we loved it so much! The veg really does improve those tasty meatballs! 💛 thank you so much!

My Fussy Eater (Ciara Attwell) says:

Those meatballs look amazing. I bet all those veggies add so much extra flavour too.

Michael Hamlin says:

Great idea!

jf76 says:

One great 'hidden veg' recipe is a cauliflower mac and cheese with good quality Italian canned tuna and breadcrumbs. Might sound strange but it is delicious and cauliflower and tuna are so good for you. Finely chop up cauliflower so that it is like breadcrumbs, fry up with a little olive oil and the drained tuna until tender, add to a bechamel cheese sauce (maybe just mozzarella and Parmesan, or cheddar), and then toss in the pasta with toasted breadcrumbs or toasted panko. I guarantee your children will love it. For yourself add some pepper and chili flakes.

Peter Moody says:

Another awesome video Hugh!

salkovina says:

Now this is a very "Indian" trick but if you roast some chickpea flour and add that instead of bread crumbs it not only binds it and gives it a delicious flavour but is also more nutritious than breadcrumbs!

snuggles1201 says:

This looks great. Going to try this to get up my fruit and veg intake 🙂

n07shichi says:

nice recipe for who don't like veg. i didn't have a kid yet but my gf would love it xD

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