Progresso vegetarian soups in the Freeze Dryer, batch 206.

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“Prep what you eat” is a common phrase in our circle. Since we prep for 2 vegetarians, I want to be able to offer them things they’ll like if that time should ever come. See you in SHTF, my Preparedness Family and Community,

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Red Dawn non NPC says:

I'm learning a lot from your channel.Thanks.

Frugal Frugal says:

I would recommend keeping the label. It helps to have the calories, macros and ingredients listed but also the photo is much more appetizing than the freeze dried product so may help others who are not usually in the kitchen.

Do you break this up by hand or in the blender first, or is it packed in bricks?
Thanks for a great video! πŸ™‚

Caywood Unboxed says:

This is a great idea! I’ll trade flashlight batteries for some lol

Diebulfrog79 says:

Look good. See how it stored for three months.


good video looks good.stay safe my friend

Let's Talk About Prepping says:

Maybe consider making your storage label diary in a digital format and use your labels for the boxes themselves. You can take pictures of the labels, add them to documents, and add notes, and that way the food itself has its actual label

Let's Talk About Prepping says:

Great vid πŸ™‚ rewatched and playlisted.

Old Frugal One Hyper-Drive Movement says:

I will make an 8 quart stock pot full of vegetable beef soup from time to time and freeze dry at least 5 quarts of it. I should make some more soon – good winter food.I just finished 5 trays of frozen vegetables yesterday and have a 10 pound bag of potato's to do next.

Mary Gallagher says:

Looks tasty!

Dog Patch says:

Just a heads up in case we should ever cross paths, I like a thick juicy medium rare porterhouse. πŸ˜…πŸ‘Just sayin…….
The freeze dried progresso veggie looks delicious also. I think?

Wild Ones Homestead says:

Well that worked out pretty cool. Never would have thought to do that.

Corsair Trainers says:

Ok I was laughing when you were talking about not leaving it running.

Let's Talk About Prepping says:

Well hello. Idk how i havent check you out.

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