Easy to Be Vegan: Quick & Easy Meal Ideas Even Meat-Eaters Will Love

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Trixie Rose says:

Such a great video. I love how you show what you can make with the foods you got! Please do more like this 🙂

Daniel Trinh says:

i'm a meat eater and i'm not going to lie…. all of these options sounds absolutely delicious 🙂 lol

🐈 says:

Loved this one !!! This is great for somemone is trying to transition also

E-Z On Raw says:

looking strong :))

E-Z On Raw says:

are the dumplings no or low sodium?

Heather Barnes says:

Oh how i wished we had whole foods!

Patty Sway says:

Thank you this was super helpful, my boyfriend is not vegan, and I am trying to show him there is no compromise in the taste bud department when going vegan 🙂 Thanks!

mykee68 says:

Lol "got a tomato here for visual"

Barbara Uckerman says:

I love the mayo!!!!!!

Jani SIr says:

French fries.

MrCervantesent says:

damn.. Those vegan foods look really good.
Is Chipotle Tabasco sauce vegan? 🙂

Gabrielle LaHue says:

Where do you live? I live in NH 😊

LynnX says:

I broke out in rashes all over my body after eating majority of tofurky and soy items for a year. | barely ate "real" veggies. Six months later my skin has cleared up after I cut out the soy and I only eat the fake meats once a month now.

Katie says:

I want to try that mayo hehe. I have tried siracha but its soo hotttt ha-ha I can't handle it. But I have a whole bottle tonuse. The States have the coolest vegan food man. I miss wholefoods and trader Joe's:)

Abby Kuo says:

i sometimes mistake you as supreme banana, and her as you lol

Margot Demi says:

I really like tofurkey my dogs do too! Haha it's surprisingly yummy x

Duska Poljak says:

Just in case you didn't say it, the products from Whole Foods like benevolent bacon, burgers, etc. brand Yves and such are actually very cheap – they cost less than meat; and at the same time have more protein ( alot) and less fat than meat (0.5-3.5g per serving). All of them are around $4 of the mentioned ones. We just checked them out couple of weeks ago for the first time. Great buys for someone who wants that kind of texture and lots of protein.
Trader Joe's products are also very affordable and good.

olivia love says:

Do you wash your rice ? People say you can and you dont have to i dont understand why or why not .

mel franco says:

You can also ask for samples at whole foods! if you're interested in a product that you've never tried, and your unsure if you'll like it, they will mostly give it to you for free!

PaperWings says:

Hey my mom is making me see a nutritionalist and their going to make me eat oils and protein! I don't have an eating disorder she's just worried about the way I eat! What should I do? ?

Also, thoughts on powder peanut butter?

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