Vegan Banoffee Pie | Vegan Dessert Recipe

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We teamed up with waitrose to shoot this delicious vegan banoffee recipe from our book. This is a seriously indulgent dessert that will keep everyone happy over the holiday season.

Full Recipe here:

All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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Andrea Horan says:

Looks bloody gorgeous

joseph dunn says:


Lotte O says:

Is it possible to substitute the coconut oil with sunflower oil?

channelbizt says:

Did he just say White Rose TV??? πŸ˜›

Zeit0nic says:

Made this for a potluck and my mates absolutely loved it! Terrific recipe

Elizabeth Fisher says:

I saw you demonstrate the banoffee pie at the NEC today and I got to taste it too. It was sooo yummy!

Bryan and Kimberlynn says:

YOO DUDES! Hopefully this question doesn't seem too ridiculous. I was wondering if you happened to have the recipe converted to cups instead of grams? I tried to find out myself but I keep getting very different measurements and we want to make this with the correct measurements. Thanks so much, you guys are awesome!

daksmom1999 says:

This is the first banoffee recipe I've seen made without coffee as an ingredient.

Nubia. YES says:

I was hypnotize by everything about that video

LaDolcevita says:

Ok his did you do this work of art?! I love to bake but I can’t seem to get my coconut to firm up this way?

Upscent says:

This beauty is next in line for making.

Farkhod Niyazov says:

Are there any alternatives for a coconut fat?

Hanna W says:

Can you make a vegan saffron cake PLZ?

Rg Jhn says:

Just made this and it is amazing! Thank you from Germany!

Jennifer Biswas says:

Lads, made this and it was seeeeriously deeeelish!!! Thank you!! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Aditi Mankar says:

You make recipes with nuts and dry fruits… I love those beyond limits and that's why I love you cause u give a healthy twist to lovely deserts.😘

Sara Addas says:

Oh my goodness!!! That's heavenly✨✨

Kaitlin says:

Just to be sure… hahahah

Anayancy Salinas says:

looks good, but what are the measurements?

Sara Maric says:

Great recipe! What kind of food processor is this?

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