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This is a stunning British take on the classic bolognese from the new series! What a dish! You have to give this one a go!

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love 4leggers says:

Loved having the fam walk in.. Thats my life!!!

MattiaMachico says:

Sorry my friend but there’s not such things like “British Bolognese” leave Bolognese as it is please, it’s like making a “Neapolitan scotch egg” doesn’t make any sense!
Please leave traditional recipes as they are, just name it another way just call it “mushroom Oliver sauce” thanks

O O says:

British bolognaise uses normal spaghetti.. ur wrong Jamie 😓

Anastasia K says:

Love the trick with lasagna sheets!

Sama Mustaffa Musa says:

This is creativity in transforming Lasagna slices into another beautiful shape 😍
And this bolognese sauce can be eaten alone with bread⁦❤️⁩

Peanut Dust says:

Looks tasty, stop paying the bbc

Andrii Muliar says:

Too much water at the end

Elizabeth Lourido says:

I love you Rezept thanks

LoveIsLife says:

<3 how he bastardises everything he makes

Tronald Dump says:

i thought jamie was a masterchef? why did he put oil in water…jamie i'm sorry but you are now banned from italy.

Mumu’s Channel UK says:

Look delicious 😋

Eva Maguire says:

1kg beef is alot for a family. Would do 8 adults at least……

Bogdan Gusarov says:

You either die a hero, or see yourself become the villain…

kwcoop says:

Can you replace the beer with red wine? I can’t have beer due to celiac. Looks delish!

Flash Cloud says:

I can't wait until Italia Squisita goes in on this. 🤣

Ben Naylor says:

Nice idea but it’s more suited to Shepard’s pie base or dumplings. I want my ragu proper Italian with additions like pancetta, red wine & Parmesan.

宝矿力 says:

If a British way to be served on this ragu, rabbit to replace the mice beef sld be better.

Passive Agressive says:

Was there seasoning?

Bish Bosh says:

What beer did you use 🍺

Liam Ogden says:

I wouldn’t use the water just gets all loose then even when You slightly undercook the pasta just adding the water makes it way to sloppy

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