Guess That CHILDHOOD Theme Song!! – Part 1

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costas costas says:

Who start to watch anime due to Pokémon?

AZebraDoingWhatever says:

Don't look if you didn't do the actual test
1: Kids next door
3: Fairly odd parents
4: Lizzie McGuire
5: Recess
6: The suite life
7: Danny Phantom
8: Phineas and Ferb
9: American dragon
10: Hanna Montana
11: Sonny
12: Lilo and Stitch (the show)
13: Victorious
14: Rugrats
15: Wild Thorn Berry
16: SpongeBob SquarePants
17: Ned
18: Teen Titans (NOT TEEN TITANS GO)
19: Sonic X
20: (didn't say)
21: Jimmy Neutron boy genius
22: Jonas
23: The proud family
(If the creator doesn't want this then delete it I guess)

Android Fanatic says:

i would like to see quiz on who you love lewis corgi, and also please do a quiz about PGLeo86 hair styles. thanks

tron says:

uh sponge bob did not end

Photo Babe says:

lewis capaldi

Joanna Grace Baker says:


fluffycloud firefly says:

Teen titans was So gOoD until teen titans go!came, ..

Generic Username says:

Where’s my dude scooby doo

DavecraftLP says:

Where's iCarly????????!!!!!!!


Fortnite tiktok and all that studd ruined childhood dont play fortnite but some kids is obsessed with fortnite and fortnite and tiktok ruined my life

Zenmastergaming says:

Who else 2020 remembering there childhood

Blaze killz says:

The first one brought back all my memories

Nisa Cooper says:

Am I the only person who knew all of the animation ones and none of the sitcoms? 😂

Phelix Productions says:


Alexander Fenske says:

I got 10 right!

KILLERC470 says:

Did this make anyone else cry a little for remembering these and wanting to watch them all again?

Jason Culwell says:

Recess brought tears to my eyes cuz I realized I'm getting old lmao

On Fire For God says:

I'm good at . this

Hargzy says:

Would u guys say it’s ok for me to watch these shows again now I’m 14 coz I’m feeling rlly nostalgic rn?

Emily Dockstader says:

Sonny with a chance of meatballs! Sorry, puns

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