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This quick and delicious bean vindaloo recipe is my answer to cravings for Indian curry take out. Sweet onions, warming ginger, spices, crushed tomato and splashes of vinegar and lemon infuse the creamy kidney beans with so much flavour. Low in fat but high in protein, iron, complex carbohydrates and fiber, this vegan vindaloo is much healthier than the meaty versions and can be made in 30 minutes!

I often use this recipe as part of my weekly meal prep and add extra veggies to it. If you do, you’ll want to increase the amount of salt added and perhaps spices as well.

Forgive me for not giving you this vegetarian vindaloo recipe video earlier! You’ve seen it in so many What I Ate videos already and many of you have been asking. There were just too many doughnuts and muffins on my priority list! But now, I’m thinking about making more cozy healthy dishes. Please let me know what you’d like me to veganize next!


printable recipe + blog post:

recipe video:

recipe video:

printable recipe + blog post:

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Laura G says:

yummy beans aren't anything that's gonna get tons of views, but I can tell this tastes amaaazzzinnngg. Gotta try. 🙂

ayayay says:

This seems perfect for a good ol meal prep, gonna try is soon!! Thanks Mary ♥

Stacey Johnson says:

Just WOW. That looks so doggone good!!!!!!!!!

Nolwenn Petitbois says:

Wondering if I could adjust the recipe to be made in the Instant Pot… hmmm

RandomPerson8908 says:

I just made this, and can confirm its deliciousness. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Christine Ferguson says:

This turned out soo good!!! I served it with coconut cilantro quinoa….thanks for the inspiration!!!

Anthony Connaghan says:

Looks great and so simple. Thanks. I will try soon possibly tomorrow.

Celise Sookhan says:

Thanks again, Mary!

Pascale Devalet says:

Hi, the ground mustard seed, is it whole mustard grind? Or something else!!

Glenn Hawkins says:

This is my second time trying one of your recipes and both have been a success! The vindaloo was so easy to make once everything was prepared. It's mildly spicy and rather addictive – I had to restrain myself to a small portion so I can have the leftovers tomorrow (as they'll undoubtedly be even better). This one's going in the "make again ASAP" pile! Thank you.

Ruccateeth says:

looks fantastic!

Antony Zeller says:

Made this tonight.  Very very good.  Thank you so much!

Dame Deviant says:

We made this last night and my husband declared it's the best curry I've ever made. Sadly I couldn't take credit! 😊
We didn't have kidney beans to hand, so I used chickpeas and tofu and served it with coconut rice. Even without the chilli it was too strong a flavour for my 2yr old daughter, so I served hers with a dollop of vegan crème fraiche and chunks of avocado.

David O'Silverman says:

It's not a vindaloo if there are no potatoes. The clue is in the name

Chan Abby says:

just tried this tonight ʢᵕᴗᵕʡ We put it in the burrito as a filling. So goooooooooood!

Visa says:

It's shimmering right now and it smells HEAVENLY 😍😍 thanks for sharing Babe!!

Cherie Stokes says:

Thanks Mary! Another one of your awesome recipes is a hit in my house xxx

Ritika R says:


Bonafide Thought Criminal says:

Mmm! I made this tonight. Delicious! 😀

Meranda says:

Youre my favorite !

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