What I Ate Today | Easy Vegan Meals!

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Here’s all the simple & easy meals I ate today as a vegan! Check out Lupii and use code frommybowl to get 20% off your order: https://bit.ly/3j8NBXH

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This video is sponsored by Lupii.
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M Jones says:

So excited for you and your new house. Looks beautiful! Can’t wait to try the bars!

taystinytummy says:

Okay but can we talk about Caitlin's delts?! Poppin!!😍

Emma Greathead says:

your new house is adorable!! please dont feel compelled to get content out! take ur time and take care of yourself❤️

20/20 Vision says:

Me and Caitlin Dancing on the couch here 👉🏾 https://youtu.be/2M2mWac4GHM

Bridget Thurn says:

God if I lived where you live I would never be inside. Get me out of the city!!

beautymariely says:

Oh my God! That guy is such a pain in the ass!!! 🙁

michael Shannon-clark says:

Hey it’s the vegan God here to support everyone genuinely ✅👏

Gina L says:

New subscriber 🙋🏻‍♀️

Katelyn Lauren says:

Love your authentic self & videos 💛

rostinfarm says:

Definitely going to try those bars 😋. Can’t wait to see your new place, it’s so beautiful where you live 😊

Anna - Let's Get Acquainted says:

0:41 miraculous

Tiny Velia says:

Major Abby vibes mixed with Ellie's tattoos

Caryn Leigh Wood says:

Elevenzies…the LOTR name for a meal between breakfast and lunch lol

Christa Maria says:

Okay those bars sound awesome 😍

Diana Hughes says:

Do you have tips on how to create a 6 figure blog?

Piper Tarin says:

Hi Caitlyn, I thought I had Dreamed that you bought another House! I don't know "where?" I saw the News/House Tour but it's nice to know " I'm not going Crazy!" I had a Stroke in 2016 & have short term memory loss! Btw, I used to live in Longview Wa. I was born in Portland but raised in SoCal and I am now in Oklahoma. So, it's nice to see the Pacific Northwest. Blessings to You, Dylan and your Babies❤😘,

plantae tivoli says:

Where have I been that I didn't know about this second house? Watch and love all your videos. So you still have all your veggie garden in the old house? When are you moving into this one? So many questions…Much Love and Peace from Upstate NY :):):)

Daphne Tuccitto says:

I feel you right now. I just moved into a new apartment with my partner and we have been sleeping in an air mattress while waiting for the movers to get here and our pantry looks very sad because I don’t want to buy anything when we have our spices on the way. For anyone moving, I highly recommend packing a small back of essential spices.

Gwen Roireau says:

Moving house is a perfect excuse for mess!!!

Brandee Michelle says:

2nd breakfast or Elevenses would be the name lol

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