I Tried 6 Vegan Egg Substitutes For Baking Cupcakes

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Merle tries baking cupcakes using six vegan egg substitutes—mashed banana, aquafaba, carbonated water, water/oil/baking powder, applesauce, and flax egg—to see which does the best job at binding the ingredients without adding flavor.

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A says:

Did the flax egg leave a flax flavor (sort of nutty)? Or no difference in flavor like the soda water?

Grace Vils says:

I always use applesauce instead of eggs in my banana bread!!! Super great

John-Paul Simpson says:

You can use flavoured sodas instead of carbonated water which works just as great

gymchick76 says:

I'm wondering if it's the amount of liquid added to the cupcakes that fell apart. If I remember correctly, those batters were looser so maybe less liquid would have helped? Or maybe not? Just something to consider. When swapping out ingredients it's super tricky. When I'm trying to do gluten free baking, it's definitely not always a 1 to 1 swap of flours 😬

ProjectShiroi says:

I would literally forget which cupcakes have the specific ingredient

s.tomi.rey says:

We've used mayonnaise before for non vegan baking . . . I wonder if the same concept would work with vegan mayo?

Cayla says:

I'd just mix cake mix with a can of soda 😉

Sarah A says:

My top 2 choices that were not mentioned are: SOY FLOUR (not sure why it wasn't mentioned, it's so cheap and works as good as flax) & ARROWROOT. 😊

Lottie Arena says:

You are over beating them all and you said that the carbonated water was one of "your" lowest ranking and you ranked it a 7 out of 10 make up your mind!!!

Cate Brooks says:

The reason the flax egg worked best, without imparting flavor, is the fats from the produced gel (especially since this was ground flax) allows for emulsification and a lattice to form with the other ingredients, making it hold together more, while still allowing bubbles created by the other ingredients to make it fluffy.
Basically, try looking up the science behind emulsification, and you will have a lot fewer questions about what will or won't work before you try… so you can try more complex recipes that turn standard recipes vegan with less guess work but more fun, because they'll be even more adventurous! I look forward to it, as, even though I rarely cook vegan, I enjoy your videos and recipes immensely.
Bon chance!

Cate Brooks says:

I have made box cake without an egg, and without oil… they both end up being cake.

Fankled Wisdom says:

I use flax for all my vegan/gluten free baking. I wonder if the aquafaba needs to be whisked to create aeration before mixing with the flour?

spacemilk says:

Do you bit into the flax seeds? I see it’s a good binder but i really don’t want the seeds in there 🙁

Forever Lanae says:

Is a cupcake and muffin the same thing? I feel like the only difference is the frosting

Ryan Ryan says:

Every time I heard muffington instead of muffin tin. And that baby whisk was very cute. What a great episode so far

Rachna Nagesh says:

Still struggling to find the perfect vegan brownie recipe! Everything I try ends up tasting like mud cake when I just really want some brownies 😭

itsmelexie1 says:

flax eggs are my favorite!

Lee Hill says:

I wonder if the flax egg would work the same if you made the flax water mixture, let it set up and the strained out all the flax bits. Would you get the same hold without the gritty bits in your final cookie/cupcake/cake?

Danibaby666 says:

hey hey been a fan for a while, I recently posted on my channel if you anyones interested in checking it out! I would really appreciate it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z09_vv_q4jo&t=2s

Nuca Labadze says:

I would make the next video about recycling those cupcakes

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