a week of VEGETARIAN meals *7 easy lunch ideas*

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What I Eat in a Week // 7 Easy Vegetarian Meal Ideas

A short food diary of this past week of plant-based meals, from Monday through Sunday. How are you guys liking these recipe / food videos? Let me know your thoughts, and what videos you want to see in the future, in the comments down below!

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CAMERA: Panasonic Lumix G7
EDITING: Adobe Premiere Pro

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Samphe Brulé says:

I can’t post this video without acknowledging the protests happening around the world. It’s not enough to simply call yourself an ally; you must put in the work, take action, and above all, listen to and centre Black voices. Below are some links you can donate to, as well as a YouTube video you can stream if you don’t have the funds to donate directly. I urge you all to take action in your areas: contact your elected officials and engage in community discussions. Don’t remain complacent.

Minnesota Freedom Fund – https://minnesotafreedomfund.org/donate
Reclaim the Block – https://secure.everyaction.com/zae4prEeKESHBy0MKXTIcQ2
Donate for Free – https://youtu.be/bCgLa25fDHM

Kelly Nwosu says:

thank u this was super helpful

Esme MacLehose Griffin says:

also all of these needed to add cheese or needed more cheese

Esme MacLehose Griffin says:

oh and you say eigh instead of egg

Esme MacLehose Griffin says:

k so you say so many things weirdly like avocado and parmesan and zucchini which is actually a courgette

Katherine Alexis says:

Only vegetarian, go vegan animals are still suffering!!

JIM DAWG says:

I think the highlight other than your clean eating is the fact that you also cooked for your family. That’s very nice 🙂 I’m sure that made it fun too:)

Daniella Kim says:

The way you say Avocado is so unique !! Is it specific to a region in the US? :))

Time Well Wasted says:

Just discovered your channel and have been binge watching your videos! Love your aesthetic. That flat bread looked soooo delicious and I defo will try that bean quesadilla out

Varinder Gill says:

This was really good!

Cody Tries Stuff says:

Those veggie burgers are great! I use the same ones and actually cook them in the toaster lol. Weird move but they come out awesome and are super quick!

mike arasta says:

no meat, no egg, no nothing.
You are slave of supermarkets and next vegan to destroy your health.

Stranger Artist says:

soo good😍😍

Cat On Canvas says:

So simple recipe and healthy 🥗🍿🍳🥘🍲🌮🥪

Fashion Beauty & Style says:

Healthy food!
Love it!😋💕

lauryn shiana says:

That veggie bowl looks soooo good! Thanks for the meal inspiration 🙂 just subbed to you! 💞

Fer says:

This reminded me how much I love beans in my quesadilla! I already bought some to make this week!! These look amazing and I love how beautifully filmed these videos are 🤍

rayan chef says:

Love thase recipes👌❤️.. Everything looks yummy 😋. New friend✌️just subd

Alexsysmusic composer says:

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Mariama Sinah says:

Your video is extremely calming!

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