American Classics – Vegan Style!

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What do the BRIT GIRLS think of Jenny’s VEGAN style take on some AMERICAN CLASSICS?? Does this food tasting get a thumbs up or a thumbs down?

Please let us have your comments!

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Beyond Burger:,GMOs%2C%20soy%2C%20or%20gluten.

Forager Organic Dairy-Free Sour Cream:


Instacart Provolone Vegan Cheese Slices:

Instacart Organic Yellow Corn Chips:


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Kaygee79 says:

Spain has a big Tappas culture and for me it was hard to find a place that didn't serve pork there! They always have ham or something to that effect in their food! So they are meat eaters there. That being said, outside of pork… I am also a meat eater! I am not a vegan or close to a vegan. I am a eater of combinations of meat, veggies and foods with carbohydrates eg rice, pasta, potatoes etc. The only vegan food I've really had is Ital food. I had a vegan chicken meal but found it high in sugar. I did have a vegan cheesecake which was sooooo good. I couldn't tell it was vegan. Oat Milk is what was said in your video? I've never heard of that. Lol, so many food options these days. I love the concept of this video. I'd love to try these vegan options because I love trying different foods! Are there any chemical ingredients in the beyond meat burger or is it all natural food? I am a burger lover so I'd probably love it! I have had other veggie burgers in the past but it's never quite the same as meat but it's usually still pretty good. I would for sure eat good vegan food but I'd probably never be a vegan because I love all various food types and I also feel healthy with the foods I eat so if it ain't broke, I keep going! Great stuff ladies! 🙂

Like It Or Not says:

The part where she says Oat Milk reminds me I want to try to make Oat Milk with my Blender in Season 2. I just have to remember that I want to make that!

Rachel Schwinghammer says:

I think you are going to like it! By the way chubby cheeked babies are the best! I had a 9lbs baby in February!

NathyB1992 says:

I honestly LOVE meatless burgers and meat products! I have actually started to change parts of my diet to vegetarian and vegan meals to aid some weight loss! This all looks so delicious!

Ryne Zachary Kraft says:

Is everyone in the family good on camera except me? 🤣 Great job Jenny!
Being vegan is definitely not for me but I really enjoyed the impossible burger at Hopdoddy. I'll try anything once so Lucy please get cooking 🤣

Angela says:

Jenny you are so cute!! Love you. I like veggie burgers Lucy and I agree they are dry sometimes. Julie your hair is so cute like that. I want to eat at Jenny's house.😍🙏🙏🙏 Too bad I live in a state across the country from you all. What an awesome family you have. Vegan is different from vegetarian but not too different. I definitely could do it. So good for you too. I am on a Keto diet so at the moment eat meat but you never know. Great video ladies.😊👍❤👏

Teach N Reach says:

I agree with Jenny! Oat milk is awesome! It is soooo smooth and yummy!! Also Beyond Burgers are yummy! I’m not vegan but we do vegan food every week for a month!

Fifazkilla 86 says:

That’s look so delicious 😋 awesome video as always ♥️

VIPKID Teacher Kasie says:

Julie your hair looks cute! Lucy I don't like spicy or mustard. YUCK! Jenny you rock! I need to try some of your cooking! 🙂 Another awesome collab from the Brit Girls!

TheHomie RJay says:

Ooooo everything looks soooo good! Yall are a joy to watch! Hella adorable! Haha keep up the great work!

RockstarPoole69 says:

I'm sorry did we say chocolate chip cookie sandwich?
Okay, that's me done for the day, stick a drip in me and have that go through my veins to keep me going

John Atkins says:

McFlurry without the flurry…dee-lish!

Mother's dream eating show 786 says:

Asalamualaikum mashallah nice vedio searing my sister love u 😍😍

Maysam Adventures says:

I carb out all the time! 🤣🤣🤣

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