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Heston Blumenthal invites the home cooks to a masterclass in how to create a simple, but delicious, chocolate mousse.
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Nassif Kazan says:

Tried this 6 times.
Too much water. Let's face it.

John Bewley says:

This can't be right… I've never seen a Heston dish that doesn't require a PhD in Applied Physics to make.

RD Diaz says:


Chyavan Phadke says:

It's just me who watched complete 5:10 and felt stupid?

Steven Rose says:

People are amazed because a man has whisked some water with chocolate, šŸ˜‚

halfbakedx1987x says:

Iā€™m just here for the hilarious comments šŸ¤“šŸ˜‚

Ludwig says:

"So you heated it and now youre cooling it down", God.. it wasnt so hard to understand was it?


American- Now
Australian- Neeaao

Yon Sire Liege says:

'See now how it's just about to go?'
Zooms in on his sleeve

NJizo says:

wtf are those glasses hahahahahahahahhaha

Potato Bag says:

the head to glasses geometry is wrong.

crippling depression says:

I thought the thumbnail was a photoshop

chumpvoodoo says:

One good thing of Covid is that people talking in front of your plate at the cook time wont spit it

snowytothebowy says:

My mother was Italian so I use 600ml of olive oil, but it's yours choice

CamoDrako says:

"I think the audience is getting bored – quick, cut back to the pretty lady again"

zhbvenkhoReload says:

I'm still waiting for my chicken to finish soaking in cold water

Nobody! says:

grams? sorry people he is tarded! he meant to say CENTILITER!

Noodle Neck Rat Ribs says:

Bet it tastes cack

Noodle Neck Rat Ribs says:

Small chef . So you've heated it up and now your cooling it down.
Heston. Err yeah idiot.

nostickpeople says:

I cant stand that pompas jerk! Ya think he would try harder not to look like the kid on the "short bus"

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