The Dark Side Of Zendaya's Disney Channel Experience

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Why Zendaya Left The Disney Channel To Go To The Hollywood Big Screen!
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Zendaya is one of the most well-known celebrities in the world right now. She got her start on the Disney Channel and managed to branch off from the network quite easily, which isn’t always the case for Disney Channel stars. Zendaya made the transition from child star to Hollywood icon with ease and grace and has spoken out about her Disney Channel experience and the network’s many faces. Although she always keeps things professional, she has talked about the dark side of growing up in the Disney Channel family.

Zendaya has opened up about her Disney Channel experience — from fake friendships and rumors to controlled environments and the fear of being typecast. In this video from TheThings, we delve into Zendaya’s dark past as a Disney Channel star and reveal the real reason why she chose to move on the way she did. Once you’re done watching, subscribe to TheThings for more great content.




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Cherisse Tillman says:

Rue also KC in KC undercover because she had creative control. Smart girl

Shakira Balogun says:

euphoria is my favorite:)

Sailor Marsh says:

She is the best actress, further more she is the awesomest person ever. I loved her i. Euphoria she made such a perfect Rue 👌

Steve Hunt says:

I used to have a crush on her back when she was on that Disney show shake it up zendaya is fine she’s still fine now!!!

Ice Munaku says:

It was her birthday. Happy birthday to her

Olivia Jimenez Howard says:

My mom showed me the greatest showman

Pamela Urena says:

She is the most down to earth celebrity i’ve ever seen! And i love her so much for that. Stay happy and stay healthy Zendaya!

バブルティー says:

i love that she Use KC undercover to put more black falmies on the show :3

Aliyah Jade says:

her in euphoria is so good i love her

elle beckham says:

y'all pray to God and I pray to Zendaya


this is wrong she works so hard every second yet people dont treat her well she was right to quit disney disney i want to work with you but this is wrong and mean

Ericka Carroll says:

ok no no no zendaya should have the right to dress how she wants im am soo MAD and yes i know i dont have the right to throw shade at disney and come on to ppl who work there but she is a person she should atleast have the right to pick what she wants to where and GIVE THE GIRL A BREAK she is going to wake up have all this stress on her and u expect her to play rocky blue and k.c she is one person ooo im mad now 1. she should be able to let go of what she wants but disney just had to fight that ok im done peace out

Ericka Carroll says:

first of all cece jones and yes i know that is a fake person anyways she and zendaya they should not be morked as better or pretty'er no one should be so that is just wrong and bad why would disney do that it is just so underhanded and rude and stupid evreone is eqeul as pretty and that should not have happend and zendaya had a good resen to quit disney and i know evreone loves her moivei's but that is so wrong peace out.

Wolves fc says:

No she doesn’t she’s just a beautiful girl with talent leave her alone

Trish Tamotu says:

euphoria really showed how talented zendaya is, i fw her big time

Mustaqeemah Oni says:

Kc undercover killed my brain cells

ree says:

She’s overrated no offense

Daniel A says:

Race baiting bitch just lost a fan. I'm sure there's still lots of morons who will listen to virtue signaling from a 17 yo. What a JOKE !!

Daniel A says:

Activist?? Please bitch you're an actress… You're by definition an idiot.

Tavie Buckner says:

Dude she is such an awesome and strong individual and she is super smart, she knows what she wants and she goes for it… Nothing but respect for that.. she is a true idol.

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