BUDGET Vegan Meals For UNDER $1.50

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Hi guys! Today I’m here with a budget friendly recipes video, where each serving of these meals cost approximately less than $1.50 USD each~ Let me know what you think of this sort of format and if you enjoy it!

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Remi Grace says:

I love your hair, what dye do you use? Trying to widen my pool of vegan dyes!

Rover Dover says:

I love the budget-friendly recipes. Not just because they are cheap, but also they tend to be pretty easy.

linzertube says:

Great, easy-looking ideas for lunch/dins! Thanks, Rose!

Laura Baumgartner says:

I like the stir fry ramen idea. I normally have ramen on hand and would love different ways to prepare it. I would probably use beans instead of tofu, since I usually also have some canned black beans available as well. And if not canned I have some dried that I can use the leftovers of if I had some already prepared.

Penny Dreadful says:

Great video, great recipe, love you, but where on earth are you getting a can of black beans for 25 cents? I think if you made from scratch it might approach that, but a can?

marissathexplorer Marissa The Xplorer says:

What’s her “ok” count in this video?

contingent exe says:

your gonna save my life this month. thank you so much!

Fifi Finance says:

Best way to save money is not to spend it. Sure its easier said than done, but learn to budget and you will build your savings. Fact👍

Regina Crystal Cordoba says:

New subscriber! Hi! Hope I can learn more from your channel!

Braɴdɨ ᗅᑤ ღ ᗫᑤ says:

I suppose you can use coconut milk if you want your chowder super creamy and use tofu instead of garbanzo if you need more protein.

Hannah Rose says:

All of these look so satisfying! 3 of my favorite types of meals! Thank you for this! 🤤 you da best!

Bee says:

Water bill this month, 80.00… nothing in life is free. Humanity has found a way to
monetize everything.

Laura Carriero says:

New subscribed here! Loved the video, thanks for the inspo ❤️❤️❤️

toni tutterow says:

I see you have coconut bowls!

Hungry Vegetarian says:

Cooking takes so much talent!!😭🔥🔥

Izzy Collins says:

I RAAAAAAN to your page to see if you had a video up discussing Miley Cyrus ditching veganism. I KNOW it's coming in the next Monday Mukbang!!!!

TheMagicKnightress says:

The addition was kind of misleading because you were cooking multiple portions but showing prices for a single portion. I was sitting here thinking “how could 2 carrots possibly cost 9¢??“

Psyche0h says:

I wish bell peppers were that cheap…. bell peppers in the California Bay Area are ~$1 to $1.50

Crazy Blu says:

Love watching your vids!! 😊😋 also don't mind me i'm just a small youtuber looking for supporters 🙂

somepeoplejustneedtogo. says:

what milk did you use for poor man's chowder?

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