How To Make McDonald's French Fries

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Today I show you how to make McDonald’s famous french fries. McDonald’s french fries recipe has been kept secret for as long as they’ve existed, but due to me being irresistible to both males & females I managed to once again seduce McDonald’s CEO & pull the recipe out of his anus, of which I can now proudly reveal the secret recipe to the world. You’re welcome! Enjoy!

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50k Subs with no videos? says:

God damn who cleans all only this?

Rinoobzz 882 says:

super wasting food

hu go says:

Instructions clear, my kitchen is a mess

roblox girl says:


Laarni Sardea says:


Serg The Bull says:

I forgot this still existed. Who still watching in 2020 lol

Reggie Brizard says:

He is crazy

Kielle Hilario says:

Dude's crazy

Tyson Pham says:

it’s like a toddler playing in its food

Cj gaming says:


kazuto kirygiya says:

Best cook ever

bassam ملك المسخرة says:


AndySprings says:

The amount of scrubbing this guy has to do when taking a bath, he must be in constant pain.

Qyoot says:

mom pick me up im scared

dumb csgo player says:

After this video:
Well time to buy new home
Video gets demonisized
Well shit

dumb csgo player says:

Sponsored by philips airfryer

Menaal Waseem says:

Me when I try to cook:

kral kuzey says:

Küme düşün inşarrah 😡🤬

Joshua Liu says:

I died when he hit the fry off the plate XD

Levis Murage says:

This guy is destructive and nuts he needs prayers

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