The Yummiest Vegan Dinners

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Some of Goodful’s best vegan dinner recipes including spaghetti carbonara, quinoa salad, pulled pork, split pea soup, and butternut squash pilaf!

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Caroline Go says:

Carbonara refers to black pepper you put on the pasta dishes that looks like carbon, hence the name 'carbonara'.

Whitney Joy says:

Great ideas. Thank you!

This Potato Believes says:

Non-american here – wtf do you do with the bread bowls when you finish the soup???

Khala James says:

No y'all didn't use a whole ripe jackfruit to make a pulled pork sandwich… and a ripe one at that! The end product looked good, but who is buying a fruit of that size when you can literally buy young green jackfruit in a can?

Zahra Tasmin says:

when i read carbonara i thought of

thejaimishow says:

Majority of wine isn’t vegan though!! You’d have the find a vegan wine for the one pot split pea soup!

Harvey Moon says:

Yes it is not american slop and the most common is a few days after you are diagnosed and you have a very high risk

Mahde Isaac says:

Why would I cook for people who chooses an unethical, destructive lifestyle? Why should I support people who prefer to kill animals for their consumption when they can choose not to?

Gary Bailey Jr. says:

Vegan pulled pork? lol. No.never .. nunca.. it’s called a BBQ jackfruit sandwich..

Yuli says:

These all look great! Nicely done 💚

De Enzo says:


Nina Renna says:

Going vegan can seem so hard but it really pushes you to learn how to properly cook and use flavour. And you're helping the planet… It's so worth it 🙂

Tamyra Lewis says:

Yesss! That jackfruit pulled pork sandwich looks divine!🙌

Ryan Evans says:

Why does it feel like they cycle through the same 20 recipes

CaramelLover says:

I wish I would’ve known about that butternut squash tip when I was trying to make soup a month ago😐

astrozombie says:

Add spices at the beginning to develop their flavor better

astrozombie says:

Why are they using ripe jackfruit? You need to use the young jackfruit from a can/jar

Pedro Gil says:

i have seen this vegan pulled pork sandwich recipe at least 10 times in this channel

melon says:

nice vid but i wish u guys would say what ure making before the recipe startsss

Serving Healthy says:

It's interesting that you used a ripe/sweet jackfruit to make a savory dinner. Wouldn't it have been better to use young green jackfruit? Young green jackfruit is much more easily available (in cans) and works better for savory dishes since you don't get the sweet floral taste of ripe jackfruit. Although your videos are intriguing, I am not sure you are paying close enough attention to the content (like the non-vegan dishes from the previous "vegan" video where you changed the title to “vegetarian”, but didn’t change it in the actual video), but thankfully all of the recipes in this video were actually vegan.

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