Trying Wetherspoons Vegan Menu + Spring Cleaning | Weekly VLOG #3

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I luv when an entire weekend’s worth of footage disappears!!!!1 Here’s last week’s vlog, mainly food-based, but so is my life soooooo. Don’t forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe if you enjoyed watching!

Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this video were purchased by myself, and the opinions are my own.


Ciara Marshall says:

I live a vegan sweet potato curry they have it's AMAZING 😍😍😍

Delia Estrela says:

The oatmeal in the beginning looks so good 😋
I love the idea of having parts of your paper in black and the other have in blue / another color definitely gonna try that one out myself 😊
The chocolate gold palette is stunning 😍✨

Chontelle Louise says:

Watching this at 2am and all the food has made me so hungry :') Also I swear uni is so much easier in Australia I'm doing third year and would die if someone told me to do 7000 words+ oh my goshhhh

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