The Best Vegetarian Recipes For The Fall Season

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All our favorite recipes to celebrate the fall season, including apple pie, butternut squash al pastor tacos, broccoli soup, pasta, and pumpkin cheesecake bars.

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The other Alys says:

All looks gorgeous 👍🏻😊

Foni Paul says:


De Enzo says:

I can’t believe they played us 😭 I thought it was a vegan video

Priscilla Jimenez says:

I personally don't like nutritional yeast 😭 but I love the idea of incorporating vegetables. I'll probably use cauliflower instead of potatoes and will use some cheddar cheese instead of nutritional yeast. 😄

CowboyChemist says:

"Sugar – use organic to ensure its vegan " LOL okay chief 😛

omegashoutmonful says:

I'm sorry but cream cheese and eggs are not fucking vegan

Katy ARMY Phantomhive says:

The meatballs look divine but when they added coconut milk, veggie broth and PASTA I… Oh why would someone do that???

Stinky Fluffer says:

Vegan tacos al pastor?! Muchas gracias, que dios te bendiga!! 😭😭 💕💕

ben moyers says:

The royalty free porn music has got to go, otherwise great recipes.

Panda Pup says:

So, eggs? huh? -_- It's not like egg substitutes don't exist…lol If you didn't wanna/ can't film a whole new video a little note on the corner could have worked simply suggesting people which egg substitutes work well in it. Edited to add: And the cream cheese and butter you used are clearly regular non vegan ones.

eleonoracori says:

Everybody here mad at the cheese, I guess nobody paid attention to that unholy pasta – hurting in Italian –

Openly Optimistic Reiki & Meditation says:

I just got super hungry!

AY T says:

Cheesecake isn't vegan
But also this video title says vegetarian recipes and then the video title screen says vegan so which one's wrong here because cheesecake is certainly vegetarian…

Peaceful Bliss says:

Veganize the recipe stop complaining!

Adia Hartman says:

Also everyone talking about the eggs and cream cheese not being vegan please stop!they changed the name of the video to vegitatian and if one person said it nicely then that's fine but y'all dont have to come at them. There human! We all make mistakes !

Pathfinder Kat says:

Someone check on goodful, I think they might be sick and confused.

Tanya Dubrul says:

You guys should start adding chapters to these videos for each recipe.

Bushnell Entertainment says:

Ever tried using a flax egg? Just add water and let sit and it is the same consistency! And it's kinder! Hi vegan

Alex Ozga says:

Eggs aren’t vegan and butter isn’t vegan either

Tori Hillegonds says:

Vegan recipe with eggs and cream cheese.. alrighty then

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