Green Queen Video: nood food Soho's Vegan & Vegetarian Salad Bar

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Green Queen looks at nood food’s salad bar offerings, an ideal spot for a nutritious vegan or vegetarian lunch.

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Too busy to eat well and craving some nourishing goodness?
Nood Food is a one-stop shop for everything “healthy-licious”

The rotating salad bar offers loads of vegan and vegetarian options
Featuring staple foods that are packed full of carbs, protein, and fiber
Make sure to taste the sweet potato with mango, chill and pesto if it happens to be on the menu
It is made with the best ingredients, just like everything else offered here

There’s also a juice bar that serves up made-to-order superfood smoothies
And a grab-and-go fridge if you’re really fighting for time
From organic salads, sandwiches, and wraps
to cold-pressed juices, yoghurt parfaits, and raw desserts
There is something healthy and delicious for just about anyone

So next time you’re looking for something healthy to eat on the go
Be sure to make a quick stop at Nood Food


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