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I am asked a lot what I like to eat meal-wise as a vegetarian, so today i thought I’d share some of my favourite vegetarian recipes and cook books, to hopefully give you some veggie meal ideas and inspiration. 🙂

BBC good food mushroom risotto recipe we use:
Butternut squash risotto recipe:
Quorn recipes:

Thank you for watching!
Alex xx

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Kellie Cockcroft says:

I have recently discovered your channel. I am not fully veggie yet but I am meat free and I am slowly introducing meat free alternatives into the meals I make for my family (who are still meat eaters.) I was wondering if you were planning on making any further "what my family eat in a day" or veggie themed videos in 2018. I'd love to see more x

Janine Dolan says:

I am not a vegetarian but I could easily go without meat to be honest. I am currently eating a chicken roll and sometimes at the end I feel like just taking out the chicken fillet and eat just the roll with the lettuce, coleslaw and tomato in it.

Mama Hug Postpartum Care Kits says:

I'm having a dinner party later this month and three of the guests are veggie so this is fab. Now they don't have to experience the disaster that is my nut roast! LOL!

Claire Inspiros says:

This video is so beautiful! Really useful too, I keep wanting to do more vegetarian cooking but dont have a recipe book, inspired to just get one now and get on with trying it! 🙂

AmyBeingMum says:

Aldi do a good alternative to the tom&masc sauce! This video was so helpful thanks!! Im defo gonna try tge tesco "chicken" pieces thanks!! X

Sparkles And Stretchmarks says:

I LOVE Mushroom strogonoff, one of my fave meals! We live off Quorn mince, I buy about 4 bags every week haha! We use it for bolognese, chilli, cottage pie etc…I can't eat actual mince for some reason.
Lovely ideas here, and its interesting to see what kinds of things you guys eat x

Ria Clark says:

This was really interesting to watch lovely. I was a vegetarian since I was 13 to 22 years old and stopped because I was advised during pregnancy that I should be eating meat to improve anaemia and I didn't ask enough questions at the time, just did as I was told because it scared me and didn't want to hurt my baby. I'm trying to find my way back to it now since doing further research and wanting a lifestyle change x x x

The Brennan's says:

Totally checking out these recipe books. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂
I was thinking of cutting all my hair but watching your videos totally wants me to keep my long hair hahaha so gorgeous!! xxx

Lorraine Mulrooney says:

Ohh Vegetable Paella sounds delicious. Great selection of recipe books too x

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