Why Marvin Hunter Isn’t a Vegetarian

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Marvin Hunter reveals he couldn’t commit to vegetarianism and describes going to Waffle House. (Contains strong language.)

Original airdate: September 7, 2018

About Kevin Hart Presents: The Next Level:
Kevin Hart takes time out of his busy schedule to introduce the world to some of his favorite up-and-coming comedians, including James Davis, William “Spank” Horton, Tacarra Williams and Marvin Hunter. Now’s their chance to make it big and break on through to the Next Level.

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cgctorrag says:

Please support the police. They need us now. They are under partisan political attack. Thank you.

Username Taken says:

When one Hodge twin eats the other

melvina628 says:

Grits are vegetarian; it's corn.

DorGreen1 says:

Com'on it's in his name

Tom Wieland says:

global warming is just the lord DISLIKE, COMMENT, CLOSE

Zach Hannah says:

I'm Appalachian and even I can understand Atlanta talk y'all. This guy is hilarious.

E K Daufin says:

Funny but big overuse of the b-word. 😕

E K Daufin says:

The devil catfishin’ 🤣🤣🤣

Love Heals says:

You know that food gone be good if a bihh say hepch, lmao🤣

Zara Amor says:

"Cc me next time." Great response.

sadboygreggy says:

Tony Starks… smh

Montilla Weathersby says:


Butter Chuggins says:

Funny lady!

Gorba AMBROISE says:

Anybody else not understanding a single word of what he is saying?

Azali Amiri says:

This dude is hilarious I can’t breathe…. laughing so much a large glass of parakeet piss , and a goat flavored possum.

Jacki Moon says:

Everything he said about Waffle House spoke to my soul.

Maurice Williams says:

Religion is a scam: How can God who is suppose to be perfect 👌 create a imperfect Universe? It’s impossible for a perfect being to create something imperfect. But since creation isn’t perfect a perfect creator ( God ) doesn’t exist.

Ceedubelu says:

The Lord didn't cc me.

Paco Garcia says:

Are you Tony Starks?

Luis C says:

“Parrot piss!” ☠️

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