How To Make Show-Stopping Dinners

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Beep Boop says:

Thith guy ith really pathionate.

Miru Mir says:

amazing recipes; i don't eat bacon, any suggestion, Please? what to wrap with instead of bacon? please?

Shat4f says:

A show thtopping dinner

LA Reilly says:

These dishes are incredibly inspiring I absolutely love them

cyanAstrologist says:

No one:
Matthew: G R I L L E D C H A M S

Varadh Prabhu says:

Dude he said that it is vegetarian entree but added egg in it.😬

Daniel Kylie Johnston says:

That beef wellington looks amazing! I really want to try making it now. Cuz you know, watching Tasty makes me an expert chef lol. No not really. Lets hope i dont embarrass myself at dinner time.

maxberry says:

At about 5:08 he said something about experimenting and combining and learning from other cultures. This is exactly my motto on life, which is why racism is so senseless

Tim N says:

You're so passionate about food. Love your recipes. ❤

Phill says:

Into the spiderverse best representation of leap of faith

Simply something says:

That meat is really raw. For real.

Ashir Inteser says:

"A tasty chef and producer and gay"

Shezle says:

He looks like nikado avocado

Fearless Arcanine says:

I love the video but I don't think you should always cook just to impress

Ethan Bravin says:

How do you get so much bacon without spending my Years salary?

p_l_a_z_e z says:

Who else is tired of seeing tasty just season there food with salt and peper👁👄👁

Gustavo Flores Villalobos says:

Ok but why did he use eggs in the vegan lasagna tho

Daniel Vasquez says:

Its rrrraaaaawww

Ivan Fernandez says:

In the Beef Wellington you forgot the lamb sauce. But the design on the puff pastry is cool.

Jason LaDuke says:

yo imma need the recipe for those carrots you served with the chicken marsala

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