Shanghainese Dishes, Classic But Quirky (Chef’s Plate Ep. 12)

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After retiring from his office job, Li Cong opened a restaurant that serves traditional Shanghainese fare that few others still make. His most popular items include fermented bean curd, also known as “Chinese cheese,” fresh scallops, and fish liver. But what makes Shanghainese cuisine unique? Chef Li shares the philosophy behind his restaurant.


Written and Voiced by: Venus Wu
Story Edited by: Dolly Li
Produced by: Dolly Li and Venus Wu
Shot and Edited by: George Zhi Zhao
Mastered by: Victor Peña

Music: Audio Network

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Kylin says:

woah he slurped that entire noodles 🤣

Kylin says:

"Shanghainese people always use sugar when they cook" damn right they always do 🤣

Sune says:

3:38 seeing this guy's zest for life at that age is truly GOALS…that's how I wanna be when I hit his age.
also, I think the choice in music is dope — it contrasts with what's expected for sure, but it also portrays the food in an aesthetic light that I think fits 🙂

Someone in the crowd says:

That guy is amazing. So much humour, I love it! 😀

Liza QIU says:


Casey Joe says:

I absolutely love how proud and lively the Chefs are about food

Maria Cruz says:

Omg so delicious!

Nou Vang says:

Everything looks yummy!!

Dr_fleshlight 01 says:

Lol fk that shit.chef has money. He can't cook for his life

宇宙鬼哥 says:


Flower Thief says:

What a great video I would love to eat here that music choice is adorable I love it you guys are so cute to keep going I'm proud of your life decision of being a chef it's inspirational and you're awesome!

wrcardon says:

Seriously, come to SoCal. We need you. Kernie Mesa is not enough.

Peishuo Lyu says:


aldof hister says:

The best scallops I ever had were in America they were clean simple garlicky and buttery !

K KO-Punch says:

He is full of shit. He called himself a chef !? What a joke !

Wu Tang says:

I admire his passion, but I have to say that Shanghai food is NOT good at all. Its too fking sweet.

tian gao says:


Wayne Jeremiah says:


Jenny NY says:

阿五 缺喜

McBj Zheng says:


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