Vegan Waffles, Mac N Cheese, & Milk Recipes: 3 Healthy Plant-based Upgrades

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As happy as Max can be, he definitely has his picky moments! Thankfully, we’ve been able to come up with a few foods that he just can’t turn down (and we love them too!). We’re bringing you healthy homemade waffles, mac n cheese, and plant-based milk. These staple classics were every kid’s favorite growing up…we’ve just upgraded them to make them healthier than the store-bought Eggo and Kraft varieties! Hope you love these plant-based alternatives, too!

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Earth 2 Amanda says:

Trying them both!!! 🙂

Debbie CS says:

We make vegan cheese all the time for Mac and cheese and for nachos. I never thought of adding carrots and potatoes with it, or reducing the cashews.

Aseaba Arnold says:

Max is so adorable! Erin, lovely as always! Nice ‘stache, Dusty! Can’t wait to try all three recipes 💕

Elizabeth S says:

Haha, isn't it funny what kids are picky about? Plenty of tasty foods are a no go, but uncooked oatmeal from the floor = 👌. 😆

Ven Sim says:

Thanks for this video. Do you not find the Food Alive brand of Nutritional yeast good? Also, what about Braggs?

Rachele Aives says:

Hi Fam! For a good waffle press- look int the cuisinart griddler! it has a grill form and flat pannini press griddle and the waffle grill comes separate however …… the best part …. the grill parts are dishwasher safe! no more cleaning all those slats and holes! you can make 4 waffles at once Erin! <3

Rachael Dawn says:

We are going to try all three!! My daughter was actually looking for oat milk today but now we can just make some!

Caligirlyelcaleño says:

Love that max is all over the place. 💕finally closer to vegan myself. I’ve used a similar cheez sauce recently. Oats = lots of milk for my little.

Heidi Minett says:

I found copper Belgian waffle makers… love them. No oil needed.

Nyckols Fam says:

Haha!! I’ve been following since you were pregnant and that was seriously the funniest video!! I love the #reallife moments with Max!! Love you guys 😂😂😂

Julie Luckey says:

We make your waffles all the time ❤️ but you don’t use oil or butter on the waffle iron prior to pouring the batter do you? TIA!

Super Awesome Angel says:

People it’s just one waffle me DO YOU SEE THE LOVE IN THAT WAFFLE! I am loving the vibes and we will try both. I’m going to see if they sell the nut bags here at my grocer. Sending positive vibes yalls way!!

Katrina says:

Lol Max ready for a party throwing oats every where

Tracey Kaminski says:

Did you post these recipes in the show notes? I can’t find them. Thank you

yyy xx says:

Great chanel! How old are you guys? 😊 Kisses from Croatia! 💞

Chop Sizzle Feast says:

Very healthy recipes.

Rachel Chambers says:

these all look so delicious!!!

Paula Gray says:

Definitely trying both!

David Mcgregor's Gardening says:

Great video and Mac and Cheese recipe. Have recently tried the lentil pasta and enjoyed it but haven't eaten the chickpea pasta yet but will try it sometime. I am team vegan Mac and Cheese.

Mark Walker says:

Hey good job on all your videos I like tuning in. Your recent video of mac and no cheese reminded me of jill mckeever's 5 min game changer cheese sauce I tried very good yum!

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