Cooking with Gwen Stefani & Giada De Laurentiis at Williams Sonoma

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Watch a special Christmas Facebook LIVE with Giada De Laurentiis and Gwen Stefani! They’re making Apple Parmesan Pie. Get the recipe from Giadzy here: and be sure to stop by your local Williams Sonoma store to pick up a copy of Gwen Stefani’s new holiday album “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” or download it here:


Red Money says:

I love this! Do they sound like 2 best friends just chatting? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Savannah Washington says:

Gwen knows that was nasty she just going with it lol

Savannah Washington says:

Theyre both stunning

closet raid says:

omg this was so great, I need more … a part 2

sams journey says:

Stop adding parm to pies. Gosh

emilia schmidt says:

Why is her head bigger than her body hhha

Ashy B says:

Air people don't understand the right amount of sugar & it tasting sweet enough; cousin ate one of my shortbreads one christmas 🙃

Linda Carol says:

I wonder if Gwen misses Epstein island? She's satanic and in the illuminati. Hard telling what that woman has done. She act's so innocent and so sweet it was hard for me to believe she's like that. Fame and fortune made her come back get what she wanted fast.

MS B says:

Giada is tiny!?! 😳

Jenni4578 says:

Omggg my two favorites!!! 😱😍🙌🏽🙌🏽❤️

johnnycashm0ney says:

Gwen and Giada together??? I'm in heaven.

Megan McAnelly says:

South Park has ruined Giada for me! LMFAO!

Sarah Sanchez says:

I saw she was involved in one of those Spirit cooking get togethers. I don't care what kind of music she made. That changed my perception of her from then on.

Erin Stratman says:

Gwen ages backwards, I swear. But I guess if you're famous you can afford to do that 🤷

peggy bachler says:

Love Gwen but can’t stand Giada.

Perry Hecita says:

I'm three years late! Ha! This is a good one. Holler from Viet Nam! 🙂

Sage Lavender says:

I just listened to your song “You make it feel like Christmas” and it’s absolutely beautiful!!! Loved it!

jaguar 41 says:

People should know that Giada De laurentis off camera is a bicth and a mean person with her employees. 🙄

Marty Cloyd says:

Something about a hot chick wearing flannel!

Marty Cloyd says:

Gwen is so hot

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