How To Make A Scotch Egg With Sausage And Chorizo Meat I British Classics

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Give your scotch egg added flavour by adding spicy chorizo. In thie video head chef Paul Mulvenna-Pegrum shows you how to make your own tasty chorizo scotch eggs, which are perfect for parties and picnics.

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Liver Olives says:

One thing to know about a good hard boiled egg is that you should never see a greenish ring around the yolk when you cut it open. When you see that it means the egg is overcooked. It's the sulfur in the egg that causes that greenish hue, and it appears when the egg has been overheated because it was boiled for too long.

Madzie Wolf says:

Actually I do, I've been on a cooking school and my brother is a chief. I know how to cook an egg and this egg is over cooked..

Debora Koso says:

Hummm que delicia muito bom!!!!

Scoff says:

Ahhh thank you for pointing this out to us. We'll try and get it sorted now!

Offensive Username says:

The "Britsh" typo is still in the intro like in the other video?

Jenna Dawn says:

Looks delicious.

Madzie Wolf says:

they are, they got that blue-green color that means they are overdone

Mighty Spider says:

They are not. How dare you

Mighty Spider says:

These aren't

ataylorai1 says:

Did you lose the ability to talk?

seejimmy s says:

likes this video. going to try this someday with good old american whiskey. when i decide to stop being a lazy boy cyburr loser. lol yum

Cappugino's says:

You cant get it perfect every time.
Point is you now know how to make scotch eggs and can give it a try yourself without overcooking the egg.

Voretechz says:

See the greyish ring around the yolk of the egg?
Classic sign of an overcooked egg.

Madzie Wolf says:

the eggs is overdone

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