I Made 4 "Instant" Ramen Broths From Scratch…

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Learn to make GREAT BROTH and then turn it into MAGICAL INSTANT BROTH. After Instant Ramen Noodles, Instant Ramen Broth. Now you Trash that packet seasoning, will you ? 4 completely different instant ramen broths at 4 different level of engagement.

This video is part of my instant ramen addiction series, where I re create a better instant ramen soup by focusing on each and every of its components.

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joshuaugc says:

late comer to the ramen party, but if you add gelatin as you dehydrate your broth the end product will be a kind of leathery, portable soup. i use it for hiking.

Serling says:

I believe that's pork belly, not bacon. Meaning, there's no salt concentrate on pork belly. Pork belly isn't salted, for the most part. Bacon, in america, is completely different (super salted and sometimes sweet).

JenniRayVyrus says:

Have you not had problems with the broth still being cold after you add the kettle water? I've found I still have to put it in the microwave a bit to bring it to temp.

David of Midgar says:

Instant ramen broth – 3:58

Celery powder
Onion powder
Dried Parsley
Dried Cilantro
Black pepper
Garlic powder
Ginger powder

Baze says:

Why i dont like a person who is cooking while i am making broth cook leaks near me becausse…..

I dont want any leaks

Paul Cilia says:

shluuurrrping …….. what can I do to convince you how bad it is ? Who am I to assume ? (No one). … Can I influence ? (Maybe)…. mmmmmm….. your aversion to bugs in your sacred work space = Alex cringe worthy = the sound of shlurrping. Ha… if I have imparted a difference … lovely…. If Not … well love you all the same, and I'll just be hitting the mute button as soon as I see the ramen approach your lips. (y) Thanks for following your passion and taking us with you. 🙏

Alenov svijet says:

You are a true inspiration, keep being yourself!

Kisten says:

You are brilliant, whitty, funny, smart, cool, authentic and obviously a great problem solver & a great cook ta boot! Thank you for sharing you with us! Fabulous!!!!

Steef Broeder says:

what would be a good alternative to the blowtorch?

V M says:

You’re accent makes me feel like everything is going to be ok

Audio Addicted says:

You should as a vegeterian or vegan try to Take instead of flesh – Kombu seaweed. This enhanced the flavor Enrichment. Your Welcome

ShipperOnDeck says:

Why am I hearing filthy frank from the background music 😐

kristoforus patrana ardi says:

Thank you Facebook, because of you I can find this chanell.

Cosmin Eduard says:

holy trinity cajuuuuuuuuuuuuun

pino de vogel says:

lemongrass poweder, onion powder, roasted onion powder, fish sauce, dashi powder, dried shitake are all also a great ingredient for a great broth. and for those not afraid of MSG its a great ingredient to enhance the flavour wehile using litte salt. msg after all is a natural product extyracted from in generals dried beans. if you cajnt find dashi powder you can make it yourself its easy when you need a broth. ,

petit soldat says:

Ca se voit que t'es français

bayu mahendra says:


Tobi_TP says:

I did not saw the name of the youtuber and the title just the thumbnail, and I thought it was some sort of piss experiment

meesheebear says:

i never thought a french mans “ouiiii” would make me so happy


Making a homemade broth is the way to go.if you have the time

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