Gok Cooks A Delicious Spiced Lentil Soup & Baked Johnny Cakes | Gok Wan's Easy Asian

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Gok shares comforting dishes rooted in his heritage. One of them is this spiced lentil soup & baked johnny cakes.

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Begum cooks says:

This is good

Sharon Compton says:

Looks fab. What quantity of lentils are people using pls?

Harry Ash says:

Just tried this, was really nice. Only thing I did differently was put the coriander in at the end to keep it fresh. Would be good to see the full recipe somewhere including measurements.

Wendy Stephenson says:

This man is amazing!!! He appears to be such a nice genuine person..

Casimiro da Silva Santos says:

This guys does everything! Presenter, counsel our, image therapist and stylist! Now even dresses brides!
What education does he have to do all of these?!

How To Cuisine says:

Need to try this! 😍

LUVIN ART. says:


Passion for food says:

My father told me that 65% of the lentils they farm go to Asia.

I asked him if they were ori-lentils.

콩이 먹방Tv says:

Recipe good

Awash sdc says:

first to comment 😍

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