Making an Easy Vegetarian Pasta Sauce with Soya Mince (TVP) – March 2018

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Richard is making spaghetti with a vegetarian sauce using Soya mince, also known as TVP. Easy to do, low in fat and very tasty. You don’t have to use soya – you could use Quorn mince or even ground up nuts for the protein element.
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Rachel Stark says:

The average adult needs a minimum ofΒ 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. The dish looks delicious, bon appetit…
Cheers 🍷

Caroline Gray says:

Nice to try this meal

Lee Benjamin says:

Try using coffee to rehydrate TVP…it's delicious! I actually much prefer using coffee as a stock to that Marigold bouillon powder which I find very salty. Especially good with tomato based sauces and my go-to stock for my black turtle bean chilli. Not instant Mellow Birds obvs, just a small cafetiΓ¨re of a dark roast. A great way to use up left over coffee, too…if there's any left over! Lee x

Anita Castricone says:

Spot on with pasta cooking time, I too hate over cooked pasta. This recipe sounds and looks scrummy.

RV Life with Ken and Jane says:

Where did that last PL go , 1 st one you were knitting???? Dang phone.

CyberDoctor1918 says:

Just made this up. Cant wait to eat it thx for another lovely dinner!!!

pinkiguana1 says:

I discovered your channel when looking up videos of the recent thunderstorm and stayed because I love the content! Looking forward to more recipe vids.

Anna williams says:

Wow I need to make this recipe asap. What a treat you've shred with us. I've been cutting off the celery leaves for years, never again. Thank you Richard . You said last year's harvest and I instantly thought oh my goodness a fellow gardener. Yes! I'll let you know how I get on with your recipe. Thank you for sharing it with us and great, great pasta tips πŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ

Horti Hugh says:

Looks like a smashing meal – another one to try here. Fully agree with the way you cook pasta too. All the best, Hugh

Julie Lulay says:

can I liquidize (sorry if spelling is wrong) the soya husband is terminally ill and can only have fluid and he loves spaggy bols. thank you I have just found you through vivi

Sandie Black says:

Do you serve garlic bread with your spaghetti? I live in Ontario Canada and had a 4 oven AGA installed when I built my house. Then a couple of years ago I added a side module so that I could turn off the main AGA in the summer and not be heated out of my home. They both run on Propane (Calor gas .. not sure of the spelling ..) I love to cook and I love my stove.I also love your recipes and ideas. Sorry Paul was late home but as you said yourself, the spaghetti sauce only improves with a longer cooking time, I hope you enjoyed your meal and as I am sitting here wondering what to have for supper, I think I will have spaghetti, I will be using ground beef though as I am a meat eater. Take care and keep those wonderful recipe ideas coming.

Ronald Shaw - Car Park Growing Area says:

Hi Richard, yet another fine recipe, My recipe folder is getting larger, Thank you for sharing.

Sandra M says:

I can commiserate on getting through those exhausting days. But today I got to come home and watch your calming, relaxed video. So thanks for that! (Oh, and I want your stove!)

giantdormouse says:

It does look very nice indeed! Thanks for sharing your recipe.

Clarice's French Gardening: Lifestyle Channel says:

Lovely Jubbly, hope your lovely dish had you destressed richard? Nearly the weekend hunny bun πŸ˜πŸ‘, hugs x

Rose says:

Hello Sir another awesome meal. Lovely video

Ssupermom12000 says:

Looks so yummy. I use a different variety of veg, eggplant, summer squash, as well as the carrots and onions. Would I use the same seasonings or choose a different variety?

Barry at the Lotty says:

R rret Marra think am "Gana" make mesel a spagbol type tea today ;-}

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