Goldberg destroys a 7-foot-2 Superstar: WCW Thunder, June 18, 1998

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A humongous WCW competitor known as Reese is obliterated by a determined Goldberg.
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Tatally fake 😂😂

Vaninder Rayet says:

THE YETI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gavin WJ says:

Time flys ……

Manjeet Singh says:

Fake fight.

Djaman Doeloe says:

Goldberg 98 vs roman reign 2017 who win? 🤣🤣🤔

Had It All says:

Goldberg was ok

Doc Canoro says:

Goldberg!! Goldberg!! Goldberg!! Goldberg!!

tom cool says:

Prime Goldberg is really a mutant on its own, too bad no matter what are you time is going to destroy that 😔


Goldberg ek time tha jab sab ki faad rakah tha Uske jayga koi reslour Nahi 👍

akhter husain says:

Match fixing hai

Bigalinbklyn83 says:

Yeah and wwe ruined Goldberg when he came there

katerin Trigueros says:

Son buenos para fingir. No se sacan sangre acaso no tienen jajajajja

Milton Vásquez Olaya says:

Jajaja miren como el gigante se agarra del muslo de Goolderbg para impulsarse.

A.K.M. Al-Amin says:

I am a kid using his dad's account and I could destroy goldberg in a minute and half when he injured lololololol and also I am 10 yrs old

Jangy Jangles says:

To all in the comments saying Reese was a jobber this technically wasn’t true, you have to think at the time with Ravens flock and them building Goldberg into a superstar they had to make Reese lose. If this was in 95 or 96 there’s no way in hell Goldberg would of just pummeled Reese like that. He would of had to fued with him in some shape. Not even hogan walked over the giant. It just depends on who they were building and unfortunately for Reese it was Goldbergs time you really think the raven flock members was going to get a win over Goldberg? Meng, Hugh Morris, bam bam bigelow guys like these Hogan has fueds with and were big heels they let Goldberg beat you really think a 7’2 Reese was going to win at that time in the company especially when they were trying to show the Goldberg eventually going to fued with NWO and they were the kings at that time? They FED LITERALLY EVERYONE to Goldberg for that win streak garbage

Satya Chauhan says:

Goldberg no 1 all time

Ipsit Paul says:

Goldberg is an icon, a devastating power himself 🔥🔥🔥

Samuel Dain Thomas says:

Spear. Jackhammer. 1, 2, 3.


❤️❤️❤️ Goldberg

Rahul Gaikwad says:

Looks like a Scripted fight

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