Magnum Classic Video Review – Cheap but Nice Folding Ebike

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Close The Magnum Classic is a cheap but fairly nice folding electric bike. It’s a feature-packed folder with lots of accessories and multiple color options, great price point and warranty, available through dealers or the Magnum online store. Sturdy folding mechanisms with security locks emphasize safety, reflective tires and LED lights keep you seen in dark riding conditions, alloy chain guide and derailleur guard protect the drivetrain. Adjustable handlebar and seat height accommodate tall or short riders and the suspension fork and suspension seat post, while basic, make it comfortable to ride. At nearly 53 lbs it’s heavy for a folding ebike, independent lights are more of a hassle and can be left on accidentally then run out, key must be left in to ride, battery is heavy and not hidden. EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:


112deeps says:

No dealers in Europe! Unfortunately. It does look nice and strong. Newer ones look better designed 👍


Hey when are you guys going make a video on the LECTRIC XP !!!!?

man0z says:

The sus fork is so cute lol

JesseMusicc says:

Sorry but you have a handful of companies offering the same bike for cheaper. Do you all literally shop from the same person in china that produces them? Manufacture price is literally 400 usd in bulks of 5.

Rooster Redfeather says:

$1299 is cheap And affordable??? Wow I hate to see what you consider expensive. Not trash talking you I just have a different opinion of affordability.

lakermark2006 says:

Lol, thank you for mentioning this at 15:05. It helped me a lot!

C Poole says:

WOW!! 1299 is really a good price…

iol says:

Can you review the magnum max?

Mark Oda says:

You really do some nice reviews

Emanuel Rahmanan says:

i own the same bike 24v but in a low step and i have a problem with the throttle staying down when i release it and i have to push it up to let go of throttle

Dmalikat says:

I test drove this bike but was unsure on its ability to perform and be comfortable for a 10 mile one way Work commute. Does anyone have an my feedback or advice for me in whether this bike would be great for that commute? I love the folding bike bc it gives me options in case weather doesn’t cooperate.

فراس 55 نجية says:

رحم الله ولديك

John Vas says:

Missing Battery Keys! Help! Not pertaining to this bike. I bought a ebike with the same frame design (Nicom bikes) 36v 10ah battery. The previous owner lost the keys and has no charger. I can't find any info on replacing the keys or if there is a code on the battery for the key pattern. If you or anyone knows of how to find replacement keys, please let me know. My only recourse would be a locksmith as of yet.

Jon Neet says:

I like this Magnum Classic a lot, and it seems to have the range I need. If I decide to get an ebike, I need at least a reliable 30 mile range.
I am wondering if there are solar battery chargers that would work on the ebikes? And, do they take longer to charge a battery than using a regular plug in charger?

Danny Lo says:

Great review! Can you please do a comparison with this and the premium? Thanks!

M e says:

1500$ ? no thanks.

ThunderGirl95.2 says:

I hope somebody can help me. I'm looking for a electric folding bike. but I have some things what I want on it. thats that the battery in the frame and that it has a display (digital) so I can see what my speed is etc. and with suspension. But I wonder of is there one for cheap. I saw Enzo en Ejoe ebike but they are expensive. So I hope that somebody can help me out.

Michelle Jordan says:

can you do a review on the genesis commuter electric bike, please?

Mauricio Andrade says:

Does anyone know which brand of the front light of this ebike? I have a folding ebike and my light stays on the handlebar, I would put in this same position.

Slowbro says:

Is it no longer possible to buy this bike through their site? I didnt see it listed along with the rest of the bikes, just the $1,900 Premium model.


What do you think about the Voltbike Yukon compared to the RadRover? Both are fairly closely priced ($1570 for Yukon and $1660 for the radrover with fenders+shipping for both) and outwardly appear very similar. A rack for the voltbike would only be 30 more (due to the bundle) while its $80 more on the radrover, im not so sure if I need a rack though.

I'm also looking into the radcity a lot. Cant quite decide between the geared motor of yukon/radrover vs the radcity with the direct drive motor (city also has the benefit of included fenders with splash guards and a rack, a 160+ savings compared to the rover).

My use will be mostly for going to school/the gym (about 6 miles each way, flat land). The fat tire bikes would give me the benefit of having some fun at the beach or all the park trails nearby, but this is not a major selling point either.

Do you have any other recommendations in the $1500 range (or lower) similar to these? I wouldnt want to go any higher in price than these however. I also am on the heavier side (250lbs) so don't think id want to drop below a 750w model. Radmini was also an option but considering that its more expensive (when you account for fenders) than the city and a lot more than this Magnum, I'm not so sure about it.

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