Making Cherry Pie Bars – Recipe

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In this video, I am making Cherry Pie Bars using a recipe that I found in Southern Living Magazine.

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Earth Is Amazing says:

Looks good!

Carlos Bustamante says:

Looks so good! I love looking at desserts in magazines. My favorite magazine company was Family Fun Magazines. Unfortunately, I think they stopped making the magazines. : (


Those bars look so GOOD!!

I bet you could make variations of that recipe.

Apple pie, blueberry, or peach pie filling paired
with almond slices. Canned Lemon pie filling too!

Add some cocoa powder to that cherry bar
recipe, top it with a dollop of whipped cream,
they would be like Black Forest Cake bars.


Ladarius Hall says:

Looks amazing to bad I don’t eat cherries 🥺

Nora Anderson says:

This looks like a winner!😍

Robin D says:

Nice recipe, and I’m guessing that you could pretty much use any kind of pie filling you want! Also, you could probably cut the recipe in half if you didn’t need that much, and just bake it in a square 8×8, or similar size pan. Hoping to try it soon!

harvest says:

I have the recipe as well because I subscribed to Southern Cooking magazine years ago and I have made these and as I said below I used all the cherries. I also baked it the full time and they set up better because the crust gets a little browner on the bottom and has a stronger but still on the soft side crust. I'm so glad you found these recipes, so many of the Southern Living recipes are a hit around here.

harvest says:

I would have used the rest of the cherries in it as well so they would not be wasted. A half of a can is not that much more.

Julie Newton says:

I love your accent 💜

Lila & Scruffy says:

Hi Tami and happy Tuesday! Yum, these sure look delicious! Great Fall dessert! I love cherry!! Great video & recipe. Tfs and sending Cali love. 🙂

introvertedowl says:

I really enjoy your baking videos, Tami, thank you. 😊

tortellini says:

Those look amazing! I know for certain that I would love them

Missy D says:

That looks sumptuous. I’ve truly enjoyed your Southern Living recipes. 😁 👍

Karen Wichmann says:

I'm loving your Southern Living cooking series. These look amazing and not difficult at all.

Kathy Cunningham says:

Yummy! They look so so delicious. I bet you can replace cherries with apple too.
Gosh I want a bar right now.
Great job, Tami. Thanks so much for baking for us.

Xriall says:

That looks so good. Almond extract goes great in cherry pie.

jean norton says:

Ooo! Baby pass the coffee ☕

jean norton says:

Wow! yummo 😋!
When I saw the thumb nail I thought it was pizza 🍕.😆

BeatlesandWebkinz says:

If it were me I'd do apple pie bars! I've had time to bake lately too, yesterday I made glazed sour cream donuts 🙂

EmmTASTY says:

Looks amazing, I can only imagine how good it tastes ! 😍😍

Can't wait for the next video! Have a lovely day ❤

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