Crispy Sesame Tofu (Easy & Vegan)

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In this video I’m showing you how to make crispy baked tofu breaded with panko crumbs and roasted sesame seeds. It’s an easy, low-fat, high-protein dish that can be served for dinner or as a snack or appetizer.

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ashwater skydust says:

Anyone who stumbles on this, note that if you fry in oil seeds will explode a bit violently if the heat is too high, so be careful about the temp. I use softer tofu for this for the texture if it’s fried and mix tahini with the starch as well as cooking the pieces 1 at a time in the corner of the pan to rotate them more easily and keep the coating from getting stuck to the pan. This is to get a crispy fried snack like result with a softer inside. You can also mix spices or other flavors into whatever you coat them with. I’m sure you could even possibly substitute things like tahini with peanut butter or other sticky stuff for different flavors. If you bake you can coat with things like fake butter or oils as well. It’s an interesting and sort of easy thing to mess around with, but do watch out for exploding seeds. 2 year old video, but you never know, may give someone an idea.

Jorge Vazquez says:

You cute asf

Nawa says:

Are you goingvto cook or to be a cooking model? Why font you show us the ingrediants for cooking instead filming your body

sw metussin says:

Tried this for dinner just now. Very delicios! Thank u for sharing

hunter man says:

I lop u too

Nayan Mipun says:

Vegan doesn't mean – unhealthy – deep fry, oils, saturated fats, too much gluten (use whole wheat)

Inthujhaas Kitchen says:

Very tasty food.tq

ayzo says:

I’m making this because of the crunch sound😌

Kanthi Jayanithie says:

I could not follow the dipping part after corn starch .What was the liquid you used to do that .

manny coco says:

I think you should keep you're content shorter, talk less and do more. People switch OFF.

G Jax says:

Nice denim underwear lol

Glady Amyr Semera Ugto says:

I love the way you
present the food and the recipe, very interesting I will make this soon, don
watching, new friend here please visit my house, keep safe and stay

Resen Nimrod Doaly says:

I'm not vegan or vegetarian
I eat vegetables and meat
But I don't like Tofu cause its soggy and mushy

This seems like a good solution to that!

Yasmeen Karam says:

Okay you cute

Aldwin Salcedo says:

I thought you are the Lead Girl in Vampire Diary elena ツ

Fred Frond says:

What about with an air fryer and coated with oil. As you got that I finished typing😊

Che Serna says:

They say vegetarians taste delicious? And it is true!

Pulenderan Naidoo says:

Beautiful and talented

Elizabeth Hamada says:

What temperature should the oven be? Last time I baked tofu, I used 400 degrees; what do you recommend?

Theresa Marie says:

It sounds yummy 😋

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