Jamie: Keep Cooking Family Favourites l Jamie Oliver redesigns a classic bolognese

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All of Europe rolls in its grave at every one of his videos

Sumaya Abdinazir says:

he must get drunk just from consuming pasta lol

faketv faketv says:

Jamie's foods not up to scratch his restaurants closed down

Debbie Stewart says:

Looks amazing but I could eat 4x that portion and half the block of cheese lol

Callum Fraser says:

In the Simpsons episode Sky Police, why did the scene of Homer getting viced got edited out?

STUFFtv Entertainment says:


Trish Blight says:

i wonder how that would taste if u used a strawberry beer?

TheLadyDelirium says:

I'll use vegan mince but definitely gonna give this a go.

Gitte says:

Yay!! I have never seen this at any restaurant. It's not typically offered in the States. But I have always wanted to try it.

Splitz Fire says:

Why did you murder turkey twizzlers

LaNett Cox says:

FANTASTIC ideaz n cookun alwayz…

NCS Official 1 Hour says:

i got hungry real quick

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