Winter Melon Soup, Steamed Sea Bass, & Black Bean Chicken | Yan Can Cook | KQED

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In this classic episode of Yan Can Cook, Chef Martin Yan cooks up three tasty Cantonese dishes: eight treasure winter melon soup (1:10), steamed sea bass (9:03), and sizzling black bean chicken (19:32). Try them one-by-one or make them all together for an ambitious formal dinner banquet menu.

Yan Can Cook, Episode 201, 1985.

About Yan Can Cook:
After receiving his formal restaurant training in Hong Kong, Chef Martin Yan immigrated to Calgary, Canada where he was asked to appear in a daytime news program to demonstrate Chinese cooking. The rest, as they say, is television history. In 1978, he launched the groundbreaking Chinese cooking series ‘Yan Can Cook’ on public television. Infused with Martin’s signature humor and energy, Yan Can Cook has gone on to become a global phenomenon and has won multiple James Beard Awards.

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KQED says:

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studentdeljuego says:

Martin is funny but Steven yan is hilarious.

Mike H says:

I'm surprised how often he got away with saying damn on TV back then

TAJATee says:

High carbon stainless steel

Sohana Haider says:

Ohh my childhood! 😭

Bis Aurelius says:

Ni dia masih muda siol!

Mac Anoodough says:

I've been a chef for 35 years. I love my German made chef's knife, but I've used a Japanese (almost identical) vegetable cleaver for years. It is the best all-purpose knife.
And I was glad to hear the high carbon comment. Today, with all these hipsters insisting on reinventing the wheel by promoting the Japanese low to no carbon, people are wasting hundreds of dollars chipping and replacing the brittle knives. They even go so far as to say the carbon makes the blade brittle. This is false. High carbon stainless allows for a tougher blade that can be sharpened easily and will not discolor dark fish or lettuce. If your knife is brittle, you bought poor quality. I don't care how much you paid or the name on the blade, from Henckels to Shun they make gold and they also make garbage. So do some homework.

pi6lette says:

Thank you so much for these uploads!! I've been waiting literally decades to have the chance to watch this show again!

Curiosity 777 says:

Dr. V leap year challenge 2020

Gabrielle 2 Dream says:

Good morning from Dr.V's Leap Year Challenge 💪🔥🍀
I remember watching him, growing up

Jonathan Myers says:

I love black bean chicken! That looks delicious!

Mrantheknee says:

What year did this episode air? You should ad the air date in the title! Love this dude.

{ saturn's rings } says:

he seems so nice (: and i love his sense of humor

Niamkubhawj says:

Loved watching him as a kid❤️

Gordon Chin says:

That old raw chicken was in the water for about a microsecond.

T. M. says:

big Chaotic Good energy

Super SwagMan says:

thank you so much for sharing this! never saw this before.

KL005 says:


Brett Heppes says:

So much humor in his cooking. No one knew Chinese food could be so easy and good!

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